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  • hair color for skin tone

    5 Ways to Find the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

    I’ve found that finding the right hair color for your skin tone can be a tough job, most of the time I see ladies go blonde only to complain that they look too washed out by their hair color. It happens because not every hair

  • Coffee and Your Heart

    Coffee and Your Heart. Simple Things You Need to Know

    Lots of research is done on this topic and most of them approve that caffeine causes short-term increases in blood pressure and sympathetic nervous activity that could trigger a heart attack. On the other hand, previous studies have shown coffee drinkers may be at decreased risk for

  • Home remedies to Treat Yeast Infection

    5 Home Remedies to Treat Yeast Infection

    Feeling scratchy down there and smelling a bit funkier can make you feel super uncomfortable. Vaginal infections are common in women, and it is estimated that seven women out of 10 experience some kind of vaginal infection at some point in their life even she

  • Social Moms Digital Parenting Tips

    Social Moms Digital Parenting Tips

    Digital parenting has more responsibilities than real life parenting.  Parents have to keep an eye on their kids and teens all day long especially when they have got handsets such as Android, IOS, and blackberries connected to the cyberspace. The world of internet has changed

Beauty Tips

Excellent Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Removal

Everybody wants to retain their shining skin forever, but skin loses its glowing youthfulness naturally with growing age. A dermatologist says that stretch signs are narrow lines on the skin with an off-color hue. Quick growth, rapid weight increase or weight loss are the chief reasons for stretch symbols on the skin and other causes of stretch signs include puberty,

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