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  • Water, the mystery of all times

    Water, The Mystery Of All Times

    Water, such a trivial word and such a regular thing for many of us, the water, it still remains a mystery. And despite the many studies and researchers that have been done in recent years, we have not yet managed to understand what water really

  • Natural Smell

    What Does Your Natural Smell Say About Your Health Overall

    How people smell? Any person who lives in a country as developed would respond to the smell of perfume, SOAP or another type of product designed specifically to cover the natural smell people have. Modern man has the repulsion at the thought that he can

  • hair color for skin tone

    5 Ways to Find the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

    I’ve found that finding the right hair color for your skin tone can be a tough job, most of the time I see ladies go blonde only to complain that they look too washed out by their hair color. It happens because not every hair

  • Coffee and Your Heart

    Coffee and Your Heart. Simple Things You Need to Know

    Lots of research is done on this topic and most of them approve that caffeine causes short-term increases in blood pressure and sympathetic nervous activity that could trigger a heart attack. On the other hand, previous studies have shown coffee drinkers may be at decreased risk for

Excellent Herbal Remedies For Ear Infections

Ear canal infections are due to bacteria as well as viruses at the center ear. Ear transmissions occur more frequently in youngsters than adults. Some reasons and adding to factors that cause ear transmissions are felt buildup, higher respiratory transmissions, food allergies, environmental allergies, fetal liquor syndrome, genetic makeup, nutritional inadequacies and interior injuries. Some common signs which someone is

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Fitness Updates

7 Vegan Pre-Workout Foods Perfect For Anyone

To have something to energize yourself before a workout has always been a mystery. Some people prefer not to have anything at all while some think otherwise. The fact is, eating before a workout makes you perform better during your regimen but what you are eating matters a lot. Well, of course, that differs from person to person.  So here