Treating and Preventing High Blood Pressure with Garlic

High Blood Pressure with Garlic

Garlic has become very popular lately, and researchers have confirmed its effectiveness to act beneficial to our health. Cultivated since ancient times, garlic fight against infections and decreases the level of cholesterol.   Many know already how effective garlic is to prevent cancer. When it comes to colds, flu and virus …

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Do Scar Creams Really Work?

scar creams

Scars are generally annoying. Often, they remind you of a traumatic experience that you would have rather forgotten. Sometimes, they form after a surgical procedure or a skin infection. The cause notwithstanding, there’s nothing as good as getting rid of it. One way to do it is to use a …

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13 Interesting Benefits of Garlic

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has a pungent smell and is good in certain dishes, but what is often considered a great and healthy plant.  Well, first of all, it contains allicin, which is an ingredient therapeutic, with many medicinal qualities. Allicin is a defense mechanism of garlic against pest attack. When the plant is …

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Learn How to Use Carbohydrates, Coffee And Cortisol to Lose Weight and Have More Energie

Carbohydrates, Coffee And Cortisol to Lose Weight

Day by day, coping with the many variables that affect our level of cortisol. From daily stress up to the foods we eat-everything affects us functioning Nr.38 and, therefore, how we feel and even in that day by day, we confront the many variables that affect our level of cortisol.  From …

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Methods and Advice on How to Reduce Cellulite

reduce cellulite

Cellulite — those packages of fat that give skin an aspect of ‘ orange peel ‘ or ‘ cottage cheese ‘ — represents for many a reason of awkwardness. If you have unsuccessfully tried many treatments, you’re probably wondering … Is there anything that does have an effect on cellulite? The …

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Where Can You Find the Best Optometry Service

Optometry Service

Optometry is the study related to human eyes. An optometrist can help a person revive their visionary sense to a great extent. That is why this course is a very big plus to mankind. We all have a vision which is deemed to be the best gift of God. We …

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How to Cure Constipation Naturally

Cure Constipation

Anyone suffering from constipation has serious health problems. The best foods for regular bowel and digestive health are raw fruits and vegetables.  Foods rich in refined sugar encourages the multiplication of fungi throughout the body, including the colon. Overcrowding with fungus may exceed the beneficial bacteria, numerical causing digestive problems. Lack of …

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Energy Drinks and Salt Harm our Heart Function

Heart Function

Energetic drinks and salt are dangerous products for our heart and can seriously damage their function and provoke cardiovascular diseases along with high blood pressure. And scientific studies have proven it. Let’s take a look at how this happens. Salt High salt intake (sodium chloride) is one of the main causes …

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13 Foods to Improve Brain Function, Memory and Vision

Brain Function

Who does not need a stimulus for memory from time to time? We all have stressful lives, which can affect us in different ways. Thus, when we are stressed, the body releases inflammatory cytokines. These substances communicate the immune system to mobilize action and reaction of fight or run away.  Cytokines stimulate …

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Which Kind of Ties Go with Which Event?

Kind of Ties

When it comes to choosing the perfect tie there are many rights and wrongs – choosing the wrong tie is not only a fashion faux-pas, it can create a very bad impression of you immediately, which can be hard to undo. Just as it’s important to have the right suit …

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