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  • Make Up

    Find the Right Makeup To Suit You in Your Twenties

    Make-up is a big part of any woman’s life and as we get older, our makeup needs change. Whilst many women do not even realize this, our makeup habits should change as we get older, and what looked right in our teens does not tend

  • First Date

    7 Unusual Ideas For A First Date

    When first making plans with a new potential date, it can always become a rather nerve-racking process, attempting to try to come up with the perfect date idea. A simple internet search can often lead to several uninspiring ideas that do not seem to come

  • Consume Dairy

    People aren’t Made to Consume Dairy

    Although there is no evidence, there is a theory that says that the first domesticated animals that gave us milk- were goats, most likely in the present Iraq and Iran now 10.000 years. In about the same period have been domesticated and aurochs, ancestors of

  • Diabetes

    Diabetes- How to Prevent,Treat and Control

    Belly fat promotes the appearance of diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart attack or stroke. Also known as visceral fat, belly fat is an accumulation of damaged cells. It produces excess hormones and inflammatory substances that contribute to the production of cholesterol LDL ('

Ways Traveling Can Refresh Your Relationship

There are moments when you and your partner realize that you need something new in your relationship. You would like to experience new emotions and feelings, which may fire up your love. When you travel together, you share common goals, enhance closeness and usually have a better romance. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to discuss basic things, have fun and

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