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10 Benefits Of Massager Machines For Enhancing Your Health

The hectic life schedule brings many health problems, but one simple treatment can help you to feel better both physically and mentally without having to take pills. Do you want to know about this treatment? Yes, it’s a message which has been practiced in different cultures for years to promote health and wellness to the entire body.

The message is not an occasional indulgence that leaves you refreshed but the power of the message is beyond just making you feel good because it also encourages healing, relieving stress, stimulating nerves and soothing muscles.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Massager Machine

People generally do many things to achieve good health but massage is a real medicine just a few minutes of pressing can trigger a cascade of health benefits, there are different types of massager machines namely foot massager, head massager, body massager etc available in the market for massaging over various parts of your body and using this you can reduce the unnecessary visit to your massage therapist.

The benefit of massage is not specific to one part of the body and there are many good reasons to get a massage but here are ten of the best.

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1- Improves Blood Circulation

While doing massage the rhythmic contraction of the muscle encourages blood circulation, then the capillaries will be enlarged and the blood even flows into the smallest capillaries and it also improves the removal of metabolic wastes in the blood by enhancing blood circulation.

The lack of exercise can cause poor circulation but a regular massage can improve blood circulation which will enhance the function of the different organs as well as you can lead a healthier life, the 10 to 20 minute massage session before going to bed can greatly improve the circulation which is particularly important for the people suffering from diabetes.

improves blood circulation2-  Promotes Better Sleep

The incredible benefit that you gain from a message is the ability to fall asleep easily; the massage therapy can reduce the number of stress hormones which are present in the body and allows people to get a good sleep. Choosing the best foot massager can help you in alleviating your stress and provides better health and sleep.

There are a lot of people struggling to fall asleep while more are suffering from insomnia, the massage before bed made it easier to fall asleep because massage reduces muscle tension, lowers blood pressure and calms your heart rate, all these different reactions helps to slow down your system and due to this you will fall asleep quickly and provides quality rest.

3- Decreases Feeling of Depression and Anxiety

The stress and lack of sleep can lead to decreased mental functioning; the massage acts as a natural mood booster because it makes your body to release the high amount of neurotransmitter serotonin and dopamine which is associated with the pleasure.

The massager is a great method to reduce anxiety and depression, a good massage helps to get rid of all the negative thoughts in order to improve the mental health and sharpens your decision-making skills.

4- Alleviates Migraines and Headaches

Headaches are common symptoms of stress, tightening of the head and scalp muscles cause chronic tension headaches which affect your productivity and quality of life, massage can reduce the pressure and pain in the head. A study showed that people who take regular massage report fewer headaches and migraines that those who do not receive messages.

Migraines and Headaches

5- Enhances Immunity

A strong immune system will help you to avoid cold and fight against various infections quickly, but the poor nutrition, lack of sleep weakens the immune system and makes us more susceptible to illness. The certain massage techniques will improve the levels of multiple types of cells that can increase the flow of lymph and bodily fluid which is helpful to boost the immunity.

6- Lowers Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure become fairly common in modern men and women but it is a serious condition that could lead to heart attacks, kidney failures or strokes. It causes mainly due to the stress, anxiety, and anger, the best way to prevent this condition is taking massage which lowers your blood pressure and allows you to relax your mind.

lowers blood pressure

7- Relieves Aches and Pain

One of the important reasons people get a message is to relieve pain, the massager can accurately target the source of your pain and help to achieve the perfect massage regimen, there are different types of techniques to trigger certain tissues to relieve various aches and pain.

The massage therapy depends upon your health level of pain tolerance and exercise routine, the regular massage therapy sessions reduce muscle cramp, spasm, stiffness and body aches.

8- Eases Muscle Pain

The muscle inflammation after a tough workout can leave your muscles feeling tight and achy, massage is the natural and safe method for reducing discomfort and your muscle will recover from injury quickly. The massage therapy loosens and relaxes overworked muscles by breaking up adhesions that cause discomfort.Muscle Pain

9- Relieves Stress

The stress affects everyone in one way or another, it can cause numerous health problems and too much of stress can cause a person to change physically and emotionally, but a good massage can bring a person’s body back into the normal state.

A full body massage helps to bring your body and mind in a sleep state and allows you to get a power nap, massage therapy releases stress preventing hormones like endorphins which is useful to improve your current mental and physical health.

10- Rehabilitates Injuries

It is important to heal and recover the injuries a professional massage is a great way to safely deal with post-surgery and sports injuries. Massage therapy can stimulate the body to produce natural lubricant for the joints and helps to keep the body in the good working condition in terms of flexibility and fluidity.

On top of all these benefits, massager simply leaves people feeling great. A regular massage offers you cumulative benefits and some of your health problems may simply fade away after a few sessions.

Check out a massager machine today and give it a try!

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Mohammed is a leading massage therapist who runs a group of spas in the United States. He writes on various topics in his blog Massagerland.


Updated: 16 April 2019

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