10 Gorgeous Wedding Hair Ideas In 2014

Slick back your hair strands to get the casual yet polished look. It also adds lots of volume to hair. Heavy fringes adorning smooth hair strands and left open, is another hot wedding hair idea.

Wavy hair when pushed to one side over the shoulder and left loosely, gives a dramatic yet stunning look to the bride. Wavy side swept chignons works great for almost all brides and will highlight necklines as well. A great option for spring and summer brides.

A prominent partition on a very shiny mane and is carefully pulled back, will bring your face and neckline, into the focus.


Use a hair accessory like a gilded hair band while tying your hair to give a pretty look. A headband could be made of rhinestones, feathers, beads or just plain. A ballerina bun, when paired with a red lipstick oozes sophistication and is just perfect for the demure bride. A messy bun that is loosely tied is another great option that is simple yet elegant on any bride.

To get the glamorous look in an effortless fashion, try the retro waves pinned under a faux-bob. Retro look is very much in style now and is flirty. If you have super straight strands with lots of volumes, then just leave it open to make the wedding gown interesting. This look is ideal for a strapless neckline and for a beach wedding.

For luscious and long hair, create ringlets to shiny hair, to add extra glamour. Just create a side partition and pin your hair away from the face, to get a safe look that suits almost every face. Whatever your choice is, the trick is to find a hairstyle that suits your face.


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