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10-Week Honey And Herb Tea Remedy

Do you like honeybun? Did you know that honeybunch is a component that does not go bad and, if appropriately stored, it can be flawlessly fine for a thousand years?

Honey has antiseptic properties and property to spotless the organism. It contains formic acid that finishes harmful microorganisms and also acts antiseptically. Honey is a nutrient that strengthens immunity, feeds the physique and makes it resistant to diseases. It is simply digestible, acts of forming new cells and significantly growths the immune system.

In addition, we will introduce you to remedy with honey and herbal tea which is a folk therapy for treating several diseases and cleansing of the body, of course, if they perform appropriately. With modern lifestyle, several have health problems such as long-lasting fatigue, stress, anemia, fatigue, poor nourishment. Since all would like to regenerate and recover their health, do this remedy with honey and herbal tea that is ideal for recovering your health.

Honey And Herb Tea

For 10 weeks, you should drink the herbal tea with honeybun in small sips three times a day.

Half a cup or 1 dl of herb tea (contained half a teaspoon of yarrow and chamomile) should be spent one hour before mealtime, lunch, and dinner. When the tea becomes tepid, add the following amounts of honeybun depending on the week that you go through with the overall remedy.

  • First week: Half a teaspoon of honey weak in each cup of tea
  • The second week: 1 teaspoon diluted in every one cup of tea
  • Third week: One and a half teaspoon of honeybun.
  • From the fourth to the seventh week: 2 teaspoons of honey in each cup of tea.
  • Eighth week: One and a half teaspoon of honeybun in each cup of tea.
  • Ninth week: 1 teaspoon of honeybun diluted in each cup of tea
  • Tenth week: Half a teaspoon of honeybun diluted in each cup of tea.


It is best to make the whole amount of tea in the morning and add the necessary amount of honeybun afterward. Drink the passable amount in the morning, keep the rest it in a flask and drink in the afternoon and evening in minor sips, never at once. If conducted rightly, the cure for cleaning the body with honeybun and tea herbs will bring you great advantages and improvement of your overall fitness. It is recommended not to consume meat, alcohol, and cigarettes during the cure.

Updated: 9 May 2019

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