8 Home Remedies That You Should Always Avoid

Do you know all home remedies are not beneficial? Do you know many homemade ingredients can cause heart disorders and pains in muscles? Common home remedies that you practice for curing high blood pressure and depression can make you consume various drugs. These drugs cause various effects on skin and bleeding in the body. According to professionals, natural ailments can cause much more damage than good. In a statistic, it was depicted that more than million American use home remedies for preventing health problems. But, instead of avoiding health diseases like bad cholesterols, they got more skin and heart problems. Well, I am not saying all natural home remedies are bad. And also, I am not making a guarantee that all natural treatments are good. So, it is important to know which are accurate and which are dangerous. Below, I have shared 8 home remedies that can cause harmful effects and need to be avoided:

  • Echinacea

It is a plant which is commonly used for preventing health problems. Herbs and roots of this plant are dried and then used in capsules. People add echinacea in tea, coffee and make various types of juices. This is especially recommended for boosting the immune system and avoiding the flu, colds, etc. But, researchers have depicted that echinacea herb can cause damage to liver, related to statin medications. With consumption of this herb, you can increase the risk of niacin, fibrates and other problems associated with cholesterols. Therefore, you need to limit the consumption of echinacea plant.

  • Alfalfa

Here is a popular pea plant. Dried parts of this plant are used in making capsules and medicines. This herb is recommended for patients with plaques that occur because of atherosclerosis. This herb is used for avoiding problems that occur due to low or bad cholesterols. Well, you need to know that alfalfa herb can also lead to harmful effects. By eating capsules, composed of alfalfa, you can develop intense bleeding which is connected with warfarin.

  • Yogurt and Petroleum Jelly

These things are used for improving the vagina. According to professionals, yogurt, a common food contains acidophilus that helps in avoiding bad or harmful bacteria. And they also recommend petroleum jelly for drying the vagina. But, the alternative to traditional lube increases the risk of bacterial vaginosis and some other problems. Yogurt also fails in providing benefits. The sugar in this food has the capability to cause more infections. Therefore, you need to avoid these two things for minimizing your problems

  • Garlic

Garlic is one of the most nutritious herbs consumed by different people around the world. In addition to food, this herb is also used as an extract and oil. Many pills are also manufactured by using garlic. These pills are consumed by patients who have cholesterol and blood pressure problems. Moreover, garlic products are used to thinning the blood and curing atherosclerosis. But, garlic’s specific blood-thinning properties can


  1. Cause heart-rhythm disorders and other heart problems that are cured by anti-clotting drugs
  2. Cause bleeding which is often associated with warfarin
  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is food which is known for its high calorie and fat content. But here, it is not used as food. Instead, it is used for curing skin burns. Butter is applied to the skin for treating severe burns. Yet, this is also a bad practice as suggested by professionals. According to physicians, this activity creates an environment for bacteria growth. Bacteria can grow in butter and cause infections and skin irritation. So, you can experience several problems on your skin. Instead of butter, you can use an aloe vera plant. Aloe vera plant offers wonderful relief and relaxation.

  • Saw Palmetto

Here is another common remedy that needs to be avoided. The fruit of palm or palmetto tree is used in tea or liquids. Capsules of saw palmetto are also available in the marketplace. This fruit is commonly used for

  1. Curing urinary problems that occur because of a large prostate gland
  2. Treating chronic pelvic pain
  3. Minimizing hair fall or hair loss problems
  4. Boosting sex drive

This home remedy can also be considered as good or beneficial. It is because saw palmetto pills have the potential to increase the risk of bleeding and clotting problems

  • Green Tea

If you have a habit of drinking green tea, you need to stop it. In addition to tea, leaves of the Camellia plant are also mixed in water and used in making capsules or pills. These things are consumed for availing health benefits such as controlled cholesterol, enhanced mental alertness and cancer prevention. Green Tea also offers energy and freshness which is very important in this difficult life. But, you need to know green tea can also be treated as somewhat harmful. Green tea contains vitamin K that decreases the effect of warfarin. It means that you need to consume additional drugs for avoiding several health problems. The vitamin K, which is known for providing vast health benefits, also causes some ill-effects.

  • Bilberry

Bilberry is a fruit, which is pretty similar to the most nutritious fruit called blueberry. Commonly this fruit is available as a capsule and is available in several medical stores. These capsules are used for avoiding

  1. Skin problems
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Eyestrain
  4. Poor blood Circulation
  5. And menstrual cramps


In spite of providing vast health benefits, bilberry cannot be suggested to patients with digestive and blood problems. It is because Bilberry fruit also leads to bleeding problems

Final Verdict

For avoiding consumption of anticlotting drugs and health ill-effects, you need to limit the use of home remedies. The capsules made from an enhanced plant can cause niacin, fibrates, and liver problems. Yogurt and Petroleum Jelly offers poor impact to the vagina. Various oils that are manufactured with the help of garlic increase the risk of warfarin bleeding. Instead of curing skin burns, peanut butter leads to various allergies and infections. Saw Palmetto’s capsules offer bleeding and heart disorders. Excessive consumption of green tea counteracts the effect of warfarin. So, the need of the hour is to avoid the use of these home remedies.