9 Habits Of Fit & Healthy Women

The efforts we make to achieve our wellness aims can be hampered by the subconscious selections we make every day. Even minor negative habits and negative thoughts can unintentionally make us for failure, even when we are working hard to succeed.

As a lifelong athlete, I’ve expended a lot of time with other healthy, fit women. Below is a list of routines and attitudes that I’ve observed elite female athletes and healthy females possess:

Healthy Women

  • They believe in balance.

Fit females know that extreme diets, extreme working out and a rigid schedule are not supportable. They opt for a sensible way of life by building in habitual wellness practices for a fit life.

  • They eat breakfast.

Fit females know that enjoying the most important meal of the day not only revs up their metabolic rate but also gives them fuel to reach their everyday goals. Skipping out on this lunch is just not an option.

eat breakfast

Let me be clear, they’re not chowing down on sugary donuts. They’re eating nutritious suppers like Greek yogurt with berries, eggs with spinach or a green juice full of root vegetable.

  • They eat snacks packed with protein and fats.

Healthy females aren’t scared to eat and eat well. They can and will eat up to 6 meals a day: Breakfast, snack, meal, snack, dinner. They don’t restrict their foods; they eat when they’re hungry – and make smart relating to diet choices, like snacking on almonds or berries.

  • They make sleep a priority.

Healthy females know they tend to make bad nutrients and lifestyle choices when they are sleep deprived and bad-tempered, like grabbing for that sugary cookie or salty bag of chips. They make certain to get a decent night’s sleep, enough time to rejuvenate, relieve the physique of stress, rest sore muscles and recharge.

Get Necessary Sleep

  • They don’t drink their calories.

Fit females mostly drink water. They limit their caffeine consumption and opt for water with lemon, coconut water, green tea and freshly squeezed green liquids to hydrate.

don’t drink their calories

  • They laugh loud and often.

Laughter relieves pressure, which can lead to weight gain and unhealthy habits. When you’re stressed your physique triggers the release of glucose. Modern-day stress doesn’t have need of all that additional glucose which triggers the release of insulin. Insulin then changes the glucose to stored fat.

  • They don’t weigh themselves.

Fit females know when they look and feel healthy. They don’t need a scale or clothes size to validate the feeling.

  • They have a positive relationship with food.

Healthy females understand food is meant for fuel and make choices based on this state of mind. They have made the effort to work by altering any emotional attachments to eating. Healthy and fit females take pride in nourishing their bodies in the best way.

positive relationship with food

  • They find creative ways to be active.

You can find healthy females taking the stairs, going for a brisk walk and talk at lunch or doing bicep curls with heavy grocery bags. Healthy females turn everyday tasks into calorie-burning and muscle-toning opportunities.

Updated: 12-02-2018