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9 Symptoms Of Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is essential for many health functions which include caring and maintaining cell health, keeping healthy connective tissues and helping wound healing. Vitamin C, which is also a powerful antioxidant, helps to decrease the oxidative stress to the body. (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for Vitamin C is almost 90mg for an adult man and 75 mg for an adult woman. Pregnant females require 85mg of Vitamin C while lactating females need almost 120 mg of Vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to many health problems including delayed wound healing. Some important signs of Vitamin C deficiency are presented in this article.

  • 1-Mode changes due to vitamins c deficiency

If you feel extreme fatigue for the last couple of months or so, risks are that you may be suffering from vitamin C deficiency. The feeling of fatigue due to vitamin C deficiency is often accompanied by other allied signs including irritability, faintness, and sudden weight loss. A debilitating sensation of faintness or excessive fatigue due to vitamin C lack can be cured by eating abundantly of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C

  • 2-Gum and teeth problem

Vitamin C is vital for keeping healthy gums and teeth. A prolonged lack of vitamin C increases an individual’s chance of suffering from many gum diseases. Vitamin C deficiency can reason progressive weakening of the tissues around the mouth. This, in turn, can leave the glue swollen and inflamed. Deficiency of vitamin C reserves in the body is thought to accelerate tooth decay.

  • 3-Vitamin C deficiency due to Skin bruising

Skin bruising is one the top signs of Vitamin C deficiency. Deficiency of Vitamin C can weaken the tiny blood capillaries which are present just under the skin’s surface. When the blood capillaries become weak, due to Vitamin C deficiency, they start to leach body fluid into the surrounding tissues. This, in turn, can problem the extensive emergence of purplish or pink colored bruises.

  • 4-Weight Loss

As with other “wasting conditions,” somebody with a vitamin C deficiency may experience sudden weight loss.

  • 5- Depression

Vitamins c deficiency causes mental fatigue and depression. Your body requires vitamins manufacturing the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. Deficiency of vitamin c causes brain chemicals depression.

  • 6-Joint and Muscle Aches

Chronic ache in the limbs or joints can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency.

  • 7-Slow wound healing

Lack of c, by slowing down collagen synthesis, reduces the wound healing rate. Slow healing of a wound is a sign of vitamin c deficiency.

  • 8-Dry Hair and Skin

Changes in hair and skin conditions can also symptoms that the body is not getting enough of vitamin C and other necessary vitamins and minerals.

  • 9-Periodontal disease

It is dental concerns. Vitamin C is vital to oral health, so a prolonged absence of it will reason what is classically known as “scurvy,” in which the glues recede and teeth begin falling out. This is an extreme sign of Vitamin C deficiency that usually only happens after a long period of time. Some more symptoms of vitamin c deficiency

-Dry and splitting hair -Frequent nosebleeds -Rough, scaly, dry skin -Aching joints

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