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Add Vitamins To Your Shampoo!

Who doesn’t need more vitamins? Let’s pack our hair with lots of vitamins and get ready for winter! If you want to enjoy a head full of healthy, luscious hair you need to be very careful what products you use also you need to know some secret tricks that can help you in a long way. For example, you can add vitamins to your shampoo. It’s simple and so many benefits. The following vitamins will help you to get the best out of your hair: Vitamin A, B, C, PP, P6, B12. Use it in capsules.

  • Your hair will thank you big time!

Enjoy a brighter, healthier hair full of volume in such an easy way. The procedure has a little secret in order to get the effect. You can’t just add these capsules of vitamins to a bottle of shampoo, that’s not how it’s done and you’re not going to see any effect. Here is how, in fact, to apply the vitamin capsules when you wash your hair: Take a bowl and pour the quantity of shampoo in it that you use at one time. Add one of the vitamins to it and mix well.

You will need 1-2 capsules for one wash, of just one kind of vitamin, don’t mix more of them. Massage the shampoo into your hair for about 5-7 min. for the best results. Rinse your hair afterward. The effect you can see immediately! Your hair is going to have lots of volumes and plus it will not fall so often.

This procedure is safe to apply as often you wash your hair. It will give you just benefits. There is just one rule: don’t mix 2 or more vitamins together, you will lose the benefits and the effect is not the same. Enjoy this easy, gem packed vitamin secret procedure! Love your hair.

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