Autumn /Winter 2014 Beauty Trends For Nails

Nail trends is an area which is closely observed in the fashion industry. Designers polish the paws of their models and recreate beautiful designs and nail art, which are a huge trend the runways, and ramp shows. So, here is a collection of nail art trends and ideas that were spotted in the fashion circles during Autumn/winter 2014.

  • Almost nude nail polish:

Nude nails were one of the hottest trends this season. Taupes and creamy beiges work well to get this look. Choose a flesh-toned shade instead of pink to get this look right.

  • Vampy nails:

Dark shades give the effect of vampy nails and for this season, designers used mostly wine shades like burnt red, deep purple and rich mahogany on their models. This manicure was definitely hot this season.

  • Blending colors to create the perfect nail varnish:

Are you unable to find the dream shade that you have always been looking for? Well. Create your own nail varnish by blending colors. This trend was hugely popular in the fashion circles this year. Blend together several of your varnishes to get that dream shade.

  • Floating manicures:

The latest trend in nail art is floating manicures. Nude nails are painted with geometric shapes to create a fun look without any clash of colors.

  • Half moon nail art:

Creating a half moon at the bottom half of the nails was another trend in nail art this season.

  • Glitter nails:

Glitter and super shiny nails were a hot trend for autumn/winter collections of 2014.

  • Marble effect nails:

Nail art took an adventurous turn with marble effects this season. This marble effect can be created using pearl nude shades.

  • Sheer pink nails:

Nail art with sheer shades of soft pink was a huge trend in 2014.

Sheer pink nails

  • Matte black nails and silver studs:

Matte black nails with metallic trims provide a trendy look and go well with most outfits.

  • Red feather and flame effect:

This brand new way of nail art is perfect to recreate the ombre effect. Feather and flames is a rare and distinct look that is not seen so often.