Breast Implants For Athletic Women- Things You Need To Know

Women figure has long been mass-classified into categories which necessarily don’t apply to all. The famous female body stereotypes are the bottom heavy pear, classic hourglass, and stick thin runway model are just some. From a typical girl to an athlete, the type should not let anyone get down all of you should have the body you deserve.

Let us bring out the example of athletic women, just because she is strong and masculine it doesn’t mean her femininity is masked by her strength. The physical fitness routine is to look one’s best. Exercise and diet can take you to the point you want, but there are certainly some curves that you cannot have because they are acquired through surgical solutions.

Breast size is one thing that no amount of gym or exercise can change but breast augmentation surgery can. It might have seemed an off-limit strategy for athletic women, but even the physically fit women need their breasts to match the rest of their sculpted figure. Now, if you are among theses physically fit ladies and thought the active lifestyle doesn’t mix with breast implants, you will be surprised for knowing how breast implants can enhance your curves.

Your body will be contoured with an added appeal without any hindrance in what you love doing. But here is what you need to keep in mind before getting breast implants done:

  1. You will need to research and consult a certified surgeon for finding out about the risk factors involved, the best size for your body frame, the recovery time for you, and over vs. under the muscle advantages and disadvantages.
  2. As already tested, over the muscle implantation is less painful and recovery faster, but it does appear to be fake.
  3. Keep the expectations real.
  4. The way you will feel about yourself is the actual beauty, you don’t need bigger breasts to have an amazing body.

The Factors You Need To Consider Mainly Include:

  • The Implant Size

The committed athletes should be very careful in picking the breast implant size and shape. The chest can have a significant impact due to the added weight and volume. The implants can be wider than actual and effect the movement of arms while running. The larger implants are not even advisable for physically active women but staying on the smaller side is relatively a term.

Implant size

A woman who has a small breast size will have to stay close to her initials. The material of the implant is another important factor that should be chosen carefully. Generally, Silicone implants are more suitable for going smaller in volume, while Saline implants add more weight and volume.

  • Implant Placement

For athletic women, the key issue is in the placement of breast implants. Physical activities mainly concern pectoral muscles and implants will show better results only when they are not impeding these muscles. As per surgeon’s advice, for physically active women the most favorable position is subfascial or sub glandular.

This position of implant minimizes downtime, does not affect muscle function, and eliminates animation of the pectoralis muscle. Over the muscle implant, placement minimizes the interference of muscle activity and implant. The disadvantage to this implant placement is, the extremely trim patients will not have enough tissue to the cover the implant.

Implant Placement

Subfascial also was known as below the deep thoracic fascia is the latest technique. In this implant placement, the implants are placed beneath the muscle tissue. The muscles movement complications in this implant placement are none and the tissue coverage is sufficient.

  • Recovery Time

Any sort of surgery will require a proper time for recovery. Vigorous activities should be avoided for a while; a certain time period should be given to healing. Breast implants do not hinder an athletic woman’s career; in fact, female athletes heal faster than routine ladies. Due to excellent diet and cardiovascular activities, the athlete women will have a speedier recovery.

  • Is Breast Implant Right for You?

You should weigh all the options very carefully, just like anyone else. Talk to a certified surgeon such as one from Crispin Plastic Surgery and if you are anywhere close to this area, go for breast augmentation in Atlanta. The results are promising and the consultation prior to surgery is worth your time and questions.

You will have some discomforts that are prone to happen with surgery, but proper healing and proper steps followed will show better results. You have the right to look and want the best for yourself and no doubt when you look your best, you perform better.

Updated: 16 April 2019