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Can Emotions Have An Impact On Our Digestive System?

When we fall in love with, we often say that ” we have butterflies in the stomach,” and when we get bad news “feel a clew to the stomach”.

They have consecrated formulas by which we humans express, sometimes without realizing this, the direct link that exists between the scientific-proven-our emotions and the digestive system.

This is because the brain (where do I start actually our emotions) and digestive system are intimately connected.
The connection between the brain and the stomach, indestructible you can think of various examples of situations in which this what you felt at that time (good or bad), we undertook the stomach from reacting.
Nerves, love, sadness, anger, happiness, fear, anxiety, emotions are surprised that you’ve lived with each of us. But have you ever thought why emotions have an impact on the digestive system?

Several researchers have attempted to provide a viable answer to this question. For example, doctors have found that drugs used to treat stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety has had some effects on the digestive system. Also, it seems that when we are sad or depressed, most of us eat more, and when we are happy and we don’t have an exuberant twist.

The action of the brain over the stomach digestive actions controls both brain and intestinal by the vagus nerve. Illnesses or stomach disorders can have effects and of the area of the head (for example, through the emergence of headaches and Migraines), but is more frequently encountered relationship: contrary emotions has an impact on the stomach.
headaches and Migraines
Typical diseases of the digestive system, such as gastritis, acidity, gastro-oesophageal reflux, abdominal pain, colitis, etc., it gets worse when the person in question suffers from stress, anxiety, irritation, or any other factor type emotionally.
It was also demonstrated through research that the digestion  has a slow emotional origin and do not have an organic cause.
Psycho neuro-Immunology (which is a science that incorporates psychology, Neurology, and Immunology) studying the effects that they have on the various parts of her body.
According to the researchers, the link between feelings and diseases is a certainty. Discoveries in the field of psycho neuro-Immunology show that many of the current pathologies are linked directly with the reflection of mental status.
For example, at present, stress is a problem that affects the health of many people, we can even say that stress is the epidemic of the 21st century.
Also, according to some recent medical statistics, more patients get to the doctor because of various digestive problems. Improving the relationship between the mind and stomach, a classic example of how the mind is passed over the stomach when we are hungry. If we are really hungry most often become irritated and ill-prepared, especially if you do not have immediate access to food.
Another example is when we know that anxiety: should we spend something and waiting impatiently for that event, in most cases fill that void of anxiety with an excess of food. And since it was already confirmed this indissoluble between brain and stomach, your best bet would be to find a balance between the two truths.
To be able to maintain and improve mental health we have different options such as, for example, to do therapy with a psychologist, let’s let us heal emotional wounds and trauma, to rest more, to eliminate unnecessary stress and tensions, to talk with those closest to or what about our problems and draw people, to avoid situations that cause us States of anxiety or nervousness, to spend as much time in nature, drink herbal tea, soothing as well as John’s Wort and Valerian, etc.
As regards health, we have available digestive alternatives “tangible”, IE we can resort to various natural remedies to be able to retrieve that balance between the brain and the stomach.
The best plants for the digestive system are the following: 


This herb has effects on the incentives that don’t cause digestion, but a delicate stomach pain. Fennel seeds can be chewed as is after meals, or you can prepare an infusion from plant to relieve colic, intestinal spasms, and gases.


Peppermint is a great help for calming and healing various disorders may occur. Mint infusion is recommended for treating indigestion, colic, and the state of vomiting.
This plant also combats halitosis (bad breath) and use as well as ginger-combating symptoms of nausea while traveling.


Chamomile is a plant due to its beneficial properties recognized for calming digestive disorders. Infusion of Chamomile helps to relieve headaches, gastrointestinal spasms of the stomach as well as the symptoms of gastritis.


Meadowsweet is a very powerful antacid remedy that alleviates and other symptoms such as stomach and intestinal gas, peptic ulcers, gastritis, and diarrhea.


Melisa is a plant having a beneficial calming on the stomach. It’s great for calming the stomach cramps, colic and digestive problems to any of the related to with stress.

Star Anise

Star anise is a laxative and is a soothing remedy for the digestive tract. If you combine this with chamomile and meadowsweet plant (in equal parts) it is possible to treat indigestion, gastritis, acidity, and constipation.
Star anise

Hollyhock Mallow

It soothes the digestive tract inflammation, reduces symptoms of stomach acidity, and the similar derangement irritation of the stomach and duodenum.


Ginger is antispasmodic and emetic. Is used to relieve colic, the state of vomiting and irritable bowel symptoms.
Ginger is also an antiseptic remedy and anti-inflammatory.
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