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The new look at fashion trends, secrets, and tips.Fashion never sleeps always changes. It is never easy to keep up with new vogue trends changes.

Tips On Choosing The Theme For A Traditional Tattoo Sleeve

Traditional Tattoo Sleeve

When you are deciding to get a tattoo sleeve, you have to think out every little detail quite carefully. Unlike a typical tattoo that you get on your body, getting a traditional tattoo sleeve requires commitment, planning and time. You cannot just choose any image that you like on impulse …

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Which Kind of Ties Go with Which Event?

Kind of Ties

When it comes to choosing the perfect tie there are many rights and wrongs – choosing the wrong tie is not only a fashion faux-pas, it can create a very bad impression of you immediately, which can be hard to undo. Just as it’s important to have the right suit …

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16 Beauty Tips for Stressed City Moms

Stressed City Moms

Moms should get more credit for bringing up kids in such a fast-paced and stressful environment we have now, and not losing themselves in the process. Even amidst the daily stresses of taking care of your kids and the hustle and bustle of city life, you should make time for …

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Five Reasons Why Silver Needs to be One of Your Fashion Staples

fashion staples

People have regarded silver as a luxury for decades. To illustrate, the age-old phrase, “Born with a silver spoon in their mouth,” is usually associated with persons who come from lavish wealth. Sterling silver showcases this custom of luxurious silver jewelry as a status symbol. As a matter of fact, …

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Tips to Select Perfume as a Gift for a Loved One

Perfume as a Gift

Picking out a gift for your loved one? Then, you must have considered buying them perfume. Most people don’t know but it is a delightful way to show that you have been thinking about what suits them. According to the experts, choose a fragrance that makes a link with the …

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Fashion Trends: Party like a True Celebrity

Fashion Trends

Even though it sounds almost impossible, partying as a true celebrity has never been easier. All you have to do is to keep on reading, as we have four magnificent outfit ideas for you. Check them out and transform into a real fashion icon this season! Pink latex dress à …

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How to Style Statement Jewelry Like a Boss

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is a trend you’re sure to come across in abundance if you leaf through any fashion magazine, keep up with the seasonal runways or take a glance at the leading Instagram fashionistas. Though making bold statements via jewelry is nothing truly new, 2018 has seen a major rise …

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5 Interesting Facts about Jamaican Clothing

Jamaican Clothing

Wat a guh dung? That means “what’s up?” in patois, Jamaican’s very colorful and expressive dialect. Because we love this sun-bathed country so much, we have decided that it’s had time we have a little chat about one of Jamaica’s most fascinating facts – clothing. Yes, in this article we …

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15 Things Men Should Always Have in Their Wardrobe


Will buying too many clothes be considered as consumerism? Is it a bad thing? You’re just a man, after all, so you should be happy with few essentials? Well, men have needs, too. The desire to look good is not gender-specific. In fact, it’s everyone’s aspiration and we shouldn’t be …

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10 Classic Fashion Pieces You Must Invest In

Classic Fashion Pieces

Fashion is something that is present in everyone’s life, whether they are a child or an adult. Even the simplest of clothing items and accessories are a part of the fashion industry. When it comes to fashion, we all ask ourselves, where should we put the most money? What are …

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