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Movement, The Most Necessary Thing for Human Existence

Human Existence

Roaming the forests, with their endless transmutations, nomadic ancestors have laid the groundwork for some genetic and anatomical traits defining for the future generations. Just when I began to become sedentary we humans started we use the body. Earthwork through everything involved in it as an activity offered a wide …

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What Happens When We Exercise And Why It Makes Us Happy?


The exercise was praised as a cure for almost anything, from depression to memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many others. It’s a pretty good thing everybody knew the movement produces the release of endorphins in the body, which gives us a sense of well-being, even happiness. But what exactly happens …

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How To Keep Yourself Motivated For Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

Started a diet and ended it a few days later? Cheated lunches and snacks instead of salads? Skipped exercise for resting hours on the couch? Gained weight back which you have shed after days of hard work? Sounds similar? Well, most of us want to lose weight, but the primary …

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5 Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain, a common cause for visits to the doctor is experienced by most individuals in their lifetimes, between the ages 30 and 50. The lower back, also called the lumbar region, starts below the ribcage. With age, the lower back or the lumbar region becomes more prone to …

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Easy Exercises for Busy Working Moms

Busy Working Moms

As a working mom, you probably don’t have time to go to the gym but don’t let this stop you from pursuing your fitness goals. We’ve put together 8 simple workouts that you can do without taking too much of your time, so you can look good and stay healthy …

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10 Benefits of Working out In the Morning

Benefits of Working out

Exercise is a physical activity which improves the core strength, endurance, and stamina of your body. Exercise is not only necessary for personnel’s who engage themselves in it as a matter of profession but also it is essential to all the humans. Working out various exercises shall bestow you with …

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