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Here you can browse our greatest health and wealth articles and try to find some positive motivation to grow and spread the joy.News about organic and natural health and holistic medicine secrets. Find out what nature can offer you and how it can change you from inside out. Get your natural way, the best way.Nowadays, people are more and more busy with duties, responsibilities, jobs, kids and in general everyday life. This way we lose the main and very important connection with nature and our inner soul. Basically, we have no time for ourselves and the peace within. A connection that empowers us to perform our best in any life situation and just make us our best. So, we understand that being ONE with our inner self and having that deep respect for nature and what it can provide for us and the way it can change us, is as important as taking care of our beautiful children, maintaining a job, cooking a meal or taking a long walk in our preferred alley or park for that matter. We all know that life can be pretty hectic and crazy at times, but if we stop and make time for ourselves, that soul-deep peace brings us back to where we ALL belong, and that is: mother nature- better than any medicine or any meditation combined. That’s what our soul longs for.That’s where we can recharge our batteries and start things/ life over.


Cure Diseases and Strengthen Your Immune System With Yeast


For hundreds of years people seek natural immunomodulators that help to regulate the immune system without side effects and in all these years we needed to look only in fruit and vegetables. The plants produce thousands of active compounds, of which may regulate the human immune system and beside them, …

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 Know and Prevent All Panic Attacks And Control Repressed Emotions

Panic attack

Do you know what is a panic attack? For many, it is a sensation of breathlessness, palpitations, sweating, nausea, chest pains and a feeling of ‘depersonalization ‘ — the feeling that you have no control over your body and that you don’t really know where you are.  A pleasure, huh? …

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People aren’t Made to Consume Dairy

Consume Dairy

Although there is no evidence, there is a theory that says that the first domesticated animals that gave us milk- were goats, most likely in the present Iraq and Iran now 10.000 years. In about the same period have been domesticated and aurochs, ancestors of modern mammals, wild cows with …

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Diabetes- How to Prevent,Treat and Control


Belly fat promotes the appearance of diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart attack or stroke. Also known as visceral fat, belly fat is an accumulation of damaged cells. It produces excess hormones and inflammatory substances that contribute to the production of cholesterol LDL (‘ bad ‘) and triglycerides. Too …

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Why Suffer From Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks? Take Control, Take Action!

Why Suffer From Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks

Anxiety disorders are the most common psychological problems, affecting 18 percent of the population only in the West. They occur as a result of a complex of factors, including your personality, your brain chemistry, genetics and life experiences. Anxiety disorders are often accompanied by depression A panic attack is a …

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Belly Fat Promotes the Appearance of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Even Heart Attack or Stroke.

belly fat

Also known as visceral fat, belly fat is an accumulation of damaged cells. It produces excess hormones and inflammatory substances that contribute to the production of cholesterol LDL (‘ bad ‘) and triglycerides. Too much abdominal fat triggers a condition called ‘ insulin resistance ‘, in which the hormone insulin …

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Do You Feel Cold All The Time? Ask Yourself Why

Feel Cold

Are you one of those individuals who is always cold? You always need a sweater, even though the rest of the world is wearing a t-shirt? Maybe you’re more sensitive to cold weather-or maybe there are medical reasons for that is unusually cold. Here are some of the most common …

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Feeling of Lacking Attracts Unhappiness-Gratitude Equal Abundance

Feeling of Lacking Attracts Unhappiness

The feeling that you haven’t quite enough is easily achieved in a society governed by consumer ads and appearances. As a rule, the feeling of failure is associated with a sense of lack. Insufficiency and lack attract the feeling of disappointment, and, therefore you easily create the exaggerated feeling of …

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