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Here you can browse our greatest health and wealth articles and try to find some positive motivation to grow and spread the joy.News about organic and natural health and holistic medicine secrets. Find out what nature can offer you and how it can change you from inside out. Get your natural way, the best way.Nowadays, people are more and more busy with duties, responsibilities, jobs, kids and in general everyday life. This way we lose the main and very important connection with nature and our inner soul. Basically, we have no time for ourselves and the peace within. A connection that empowers us to perform our best in any life situation and just make us our best. So, we understand that being ONE with our inner self and having that deep respect for nature and what it can provide for us and the way it can change us, is as important as taking care of our beautiful children, maintaining a job, cooking a meal or taking a long walk in our preferred alley or park for that matter. We all know that life can be pretty hectic and crazy at times, but if we stop and make time for ourselves, that soul-deep peace brings us back to where we ALL belong, and that is: mother nature- better than any medicine or any meditation combined. That’s what our soul longs for.That’s where we can recharge our batteries and start things/ life over.


8 Important Things You Need To Do After 8 Pm

Important Things

Everyone is preoccupied with the morning routine. We each have a set of things that we do every morning as a ritual that we start our day, but not many of us have thought about a similar ritual. Morning habits will always have to suffer if you don’t take care …

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Only 7 Habits That You Need For A Full And Happy Life

Happy Life

One of the benefits of overcoming the mere survival status (more or less) is that we can focus our efforts on personal happiness. The reverse side of the coin in all these developments in the field of science is that we have an overwhelming amount of information that bombards us …

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Incredible Benefits Of The Afternoon Nap

Afternoon Nap

Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Winston Churchill, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and many others all have one thing in common, namely a NAP in the afternoon as the key element for health. Linked to clarity, performance, memory, the mood, and improvements in the health of the heart, the afternoon …

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What Pulmonary Embolism Is And What You Need To Know About It

pulmonary embolism

What is pulmonary embolism? Pulmonary embolism (PE) means a sudden blocking of an artery of the lung with a blood clot that went from leg veins with thrombosis. Clot that forms in a part of the body and circulates through the blood in the body is called the embolus. Thus, …

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How Does Women Brain Change During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period of major changes to all expectant. Hormones haywire, tummy is growing, and the ankles are always inflated. Most of the changes, visible to the naked eye, are quite predictable. Changes that do not see can now become clearer, thanks to the latest research. A study published …

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Natural Cures for Hair Loss and Dandruff

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused due to genetic reasons, hormonal problems or bad blood circulation to the scalp (usually it is a combination of the three). Dandruff in excess can lead to hair loss. Poor capillary circulation is indicative of weak circulation throughout the body.   And poor circulation is a …

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Improve Your Immune System Without Doctor

Immune System

Even most healthy people get sick from time to time. But making a fine-tuning in terms of certain aspects of our health, such as diet and stress management, we can help strengthen the immune system defense against bacteria, toxic chemicals, and the viruses that cause diseases like colds and flu. …

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Best Plants Adaptogens That Can Reduce Stress In Your Everyday Life

Reduce Stress

Stress destroys all the joy of living. The silence of mind affects our health and relationships. And if you don’t take steps to reduce stress, it has the effect of causing bulgarelui snow-problems and more serious in the body up to the tissues. We rustle, disposal we deplete energy reserves, …

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What is Psoriasis and How it Can be Cured Naturally?


If your skin dry, painful scabs shows, red, accompanied by itching, you may suffer from psoriasis. It is an autoimmune disease that results in the formation of red tiles on the surface of the skin, unpleasant and uncomfortable. No known cure to heal psoriasis appears and disappears in cycles along …

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