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Here you can browse our greatest health and wealth articles and try to find some positive motivation to grow and spread the joy.News about organic and natural health and holistic medicine secrets. Find out what nature can offer you and how it can change you from inside out. Get your natural way, the best way.Nowadays, people are more and more busy with duties, responsibilities, jobs, kids and in general everyday life. This way we lose the main and very important connection with nature and our inner soul. Basically, we have no time for ourselves and the peace within. A connection that empowers us to perform our best in any life situation and just make us our best. So, we understand that being ONE with our inner self and having that deep respect for nature and what it can provide for us and the way it can change us, is as important as taking care of our beautiful children, maintaining a job, cooking a meal or taking a long walk in our preferred alley or park for that matter. We all know that life can be pretty hectic and crazy at times, but if we stop and make time for ourselves, that soul-deep peace brings us back to where we ALL belong, and that is: mother nature- better than any medicine or any meditation combined. That’s what our soul longs for.That’s where we can recharge our batteries and start things/ life over.


7 Signs that Suffer from Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue

You feel full of energy and vitality, prepared to cope with a new day of work and full of challenges? Or do you feel, like so many others, always tired, addicted to many doses of caffeine, energy drinks and sugar to face the day? Many people ask their physician why …

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The Best Methods to Stimulate the Production of Serotonin in the Brain (Naturally)

Serotonin in the Brain

Low levels of serotonin affect almost all aspects of life, from the appetite up to sleep, memory, sex drive and (of course) the mood. Here are 11 great ways to effect this neurotransmitter production, for greater power concentration, motivation, and mental well-being.  1. Tryptophan Tryptophan is an amino acid vital …

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Which Protein Is Healthier? Animal Or Vegetable. Which One You Consume Regularly?

Protein Is Healthier

There are lots of contradictory information in many areas, and the food doesn’t make exceptions, especially when it comes to vegan diet versus diet based on animal products. A plant-based diet can prevent more than 60 percent of deaths caused by chronic diseases, however, people still aren’t convinced that veganism …

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How Healthy Nutella Is And Everything You Need To Know About It Plus 2 Healthy Recipes From Nuts And Oils

Healthy Nutella

If you have not yet tasted a slice of toast with Nutella, you have lost too much, at least not as the ads try to make you think. Nutella presented as a sweet snack, pseudo-healthy, it is a cream that is used for pancakes, on bread or in all kinds …

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How To Protect Your Eyes When You Work At The Computer All The Time

Protect Your Eyes

Our eyes are organs of remarkable feel that allow us to connect and see the world around you. The eyes are exposed daily to many stimulants and nevertheless managed to efficiently process all kinds of new information without even having to give too much importance. Unfortunately, however, the time spent …

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The Best Rituals In The Morning For A Better Day

Rituals In The Morning

It is no secret that the way you start the morning set the tone for the entire day, influences the type of energy you will have, experiences that you’ll attract. It is the most important moment of the day, you have to start it correctly. In our busy lives, we …

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Healthy Colon Healthy You

Healthy colon

There’s no doubt in the medical world: you need a clean, healthy colon, to assimilate nutrients and to get rid of food waste. However many people have compacted colon so-called half full with food waste and toxins. This can generate a multitude of bowel problems and even chronic illnesses. Although …

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A Simple Thing That Can Improve Dramatically Your Digestive Tract And Health Overall

Digestive Tract

The digestive tract is one of the main interfaces between the external environment and the blood system. When the digestive tract is irritated and affected, produces violent inflammation and stress throughout the body. Eating certain foods and supplements to improve the production of acids in the stomach can dramatically improve …

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