7 Herbal Solutions To Control Child Tantrums

Children often throw temper tantrums when their demands and wishes are not met. Anger tantrums can be described as unpleasant behavior or emotional outbursts in children due to frustration or dissatisfaction. Screaming, temper outburst, uncontrolled crying, rolling on the floor, vomiting, holding sniff, physical aggression are the symptom of temper tantrums.

Natural treats such as herbs have shown promise in curing temper tantrums since it is a recurring problem, at least, up to a certain age. Herbs not only help in calming down the children but also help in the development of correct reasoning in them to avoid tantrums in the future. Here are some of the good herbal remedies for temper tantrums.

  • Chamomile Tea

It is well known to calm the mind and keep it cool. The active agent apigenin in chamomile is responsible for its calming and sedative properties. It decreases the kids and relieves their stress. It alleviates feelings of worry, depression, and fear. This herb acts as a mild sedative and has wonderful anti-depression and anxiety relieving properties. It recovers functioning of the nervous system. Increase few falls of honey into it and gives this on a regular basis to help little ones to reduce worry.

This is widely reckoned for its sedative, anti-depressant, detoxifying and antibiotic qualities. This herb elevates and balances mood and cures related disorders such as belly distress. It releases insomnia and improves sleeping patterns. It soothes the mind and cures worry as well as depression. It can be taken in tea form or applied topically to get relief from anger tantrums.


The lavender herb acts as a gentle sedative. It helps sleep and alleviates insomnia. It cures conditions of restlessness, hyperactivity, tension, and stress in kids complaining of temper tantrums.  It promotes good mood and decreases hysteria. In fact, chamomile and catnip are two of the most recommended herbs for a cure of kid behavioral disorders.

  • Passion Flower Tea

It helps you to relax and get the best sleep. It calms and soothes the nervous system. Passionflower tea promotes rest and relaxation. It can be used as a tea. For best results add calming herbs like chamomile and hops and make the tea. It tastes minty and is slightly bitter. It is an old cure for anxiety and calm kids naturally.

This is a mixture of essential herbs such as lemon balm, catnip, and chamomile. These plants soothe the nervous system as well as the gastric system. It is easy to make at home. Add all the components to boiling water and let it boil for 2 minutes. Strain the components and add 2-3 drops of honey. Give it to your children regularly. It is very effective and for the issue related to the digestive system.

  • Hops

It is very effective to control child tantrums. However, kids cannot consume it because it has a very bitter taste. Therefore, it is better to use it as a slumber balm in the night to get good slumber. It can also be used to oil and applied on kids’ feet and chest which is found to be very effective.