Dangerous Candida – the Base for Many Diseases

The most common fungus that affects negatively people, Candida albicans colonize primarily the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals and digestive tract. There are also several other types of Candida which can impact our health and; but obiceim all stems respond well to naturopath treatment.
When the candida leads to disease, conventional medical beliefs that the infection may be localized or systemic, invasive.
Alternative medical beliefs would argue that a local infection of the skin, as well as one a vaginosis is an indication that the intestines and probably the rest of the body are already numb. The mere fact that the easiest way to kill any type of Candida is, revolves around balancing intestinal germ, supports and gives credence to this idea.
The Contact of Candida with allergies, asthma, and dermatitis have been accepted for a long time. Current research suggests that Candida antigens could trigger Crohn’s disease and celiac disease. Even if these links of Candida disease are recognized, the conventional medical community is hesitant in understanding and accepting the role of Candida in patients with multiple complaints, often labeled as either auto-immune diseases not specific to, or more often as psychosomatic illnesses.
These symptoms include fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, rashes, dysuria, urinary frequency, vaginitis and many others. They don’t realize that this microorganism, candida, is so often the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia: irritable bowel syndrome, the syndrome of environmental exposure and awareness of the syndrome. Candida affects even the brain, and maybe a precursor to many different mental illnesses ranging from depression to schizophrenia.
 Candida disease
In other words, even when the immune system gets to be annihilated, almost always Candida is a major factor, if not one of the few cases, and though this connection is often credited with seeing or ignored.
There are more than 200 species of Candida, but less than a dozen affects people. Candida alternates in shape, from cells called blastospore from spore print, like yarn filaments, which penetrates the tissues and cells. The fact that it can alternate as a form makes the immune system to respond harder at it now we discover can produce slightly different spore print in various parts of the body, creating a different immune response.
Excessive Candida growth was laid with certainty in connection with the use of antibiotics, but it is also clear that this excessive growth is a byproduct of our modern diet full of sugar, processed, the result of a science Frankensteinian.
Candida is controlled or eliminated through diet and supplements, but studies have shown that it often intervene. Because the same studies have shown that diet was the most important factor in removing the excessive growth, it’s just an obvious reasoning as a change of diet should be a lifetime commitment. A return to the standard diet means a return to the disease. Eat a healthy diet, though not as restrictive as that assigned to kill the candida, you will help prevent this type of infection
Eat healthy diet to kill Candida
If you have allergies, depression, slow healing, a weakened immune system, bouts of dizziness, mental fog, insomnia, migraine or any other autoimmune problems such as sensitivity to chemicals, unexplained fatigue, muscle pain, joints, or similar symptoms, take into account this real possibility-Candida is in your body and takes control.
What you can do is to change your lifestyle. Everything is important. From unprocessed wholegrain foods and outdoor movement and stress reduction, measures to get rid of this fungus in the everyday things we do and which constitute our lifestyle.