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Follow These 3 Steps For A Perfect Ponytail Every Time

The ponytail is one of the most commonly used hairstyles, never goes out of fashion and is truly timeless. It is a style you can use every day and if you follow the right tricks, you can sport the perfect ponytail. Here are some tips to get the perfect ponytail look, according to hair styling experts. These tips will keep your ponytail intact and watch great for extended periods of time.

1st Step is to blow dry your hair in the correct direction you want your ponytail to land. Directing the driver accurately is the key to getting a super sleek ponytail. There should be no bumps when you tie a ponytail. So, blow dry your hair from the hair root backwards in a straight fashion, to make sure that the ponytail stays properly.

3 Steps For A Perfect Ponytail

2nd Step is to slightly tilt your head back while pulling your hair strands into a ponytail. You can pull back hair in sections for a neater look. Tilt your head back slightly during this process so as to gain a tighter hold and better grip. Tilting your head back prevents hair from slipping out after you have tied the pony. It makes sure that the hair underneath stays intact.

pulling your hair strands into a ponytail

3rd Step is to use a hair band with good elastic to hold your ponytail in place. Upgrade the regular elastic that you use to one of a better quality since regular elastic slips out frequently as result losing tension from the hair. You can even use a hair bungee to wrap a ponytail, for better effects. Try twisting one ends of the hair bungee in a clockwise direction around the ponytail base and then twist the other end of the hair bungee in a counter-clockwise manner. Now tie the two ends in a tight knot to secure a perfect ponytail.[amazon_link asins=’B01MYH9XQ1,B01F7SL3MI,B00KQ2K8CM,B01NBF6NMO,B074W3PDX1,B076P38JNV’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5c3da41d-8563-11e8-9ad1-f7976aac52e1′]

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