Foods that Create Mucus and Food that Eliminate Mucus

Anyone have mucus in the body until at some point it is intended or useful. But when the secretion of mucus in the body occurs in response to certain foods or items in the environment, the problems begin to appear, especially in the context of the device respiratory system!

Foods that create mucus:

Dairy products such as milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream are the main source of mucus caused by food.
Phlegm, irritating, is made in the neck of these types of foods. Also, they could make existing mucus thicker and rougher. Be wary if you have an allergy to milk because milk is not easily digested.

Products of Animal

Products of animal origin obtained from food-animals, meat, and poultry, eggs, can cause problems with mucus. These foods can cause a buildup of mucus in your throat because they are high in protein. It would be a good idea if you opt for this kind of meat, to orientate towards organic products.

Fats and Oils

Fats and oils derived from animals should be avoided. Lard, butter and fatty acids omega-6 are included on this list. In oils, sunflower, corn, and olives are much better options.
Fats and Oils


Cereals wheat flour bread, processed products, such as pasta and cereals should be reduced from processed food, while consumption of barley, corn, millet, and quinoa should be increased.


I don’t usually consider drinks when you’re thinking of mucus. Still, some regular drinks, as well as black tea, coffee, chocolate drinks, milkshake, sweetened soft drinks, and alcohol can cause build up of mucus.

Foods that eliminate mucus:

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables provide antioxidants, nutrients that strengthen our body’s ability to fight with disease and infections.
Fruit and Vegetables
Foods like watercress, garlic, onion, pickled food and also  lemon help to reduce mucus production. Foods like cabbage, potatoes, and bananas could enhance the production of mucus.
Forest fruits, herbs, broccoli, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and peppers are particularly high in antioxidants.

Olive Oil

Olive oil unsaturated fat, healthy for the heart, can be achieved through the use of olive oil.
Olive oil takes effect on what often reduces the symptoms of bronchitis. Try to change the sources of saturated fat in your diet, such as butter and margarine with olive oil, if you’re already prone to mucus.
Olive Oil
Even better would be to use olive oil together greens and lemon-that is a delicious salad.

Warm Fluids

Warm fluids are a reassuring option. Delighting in fluids throughout the day helps the body to evacuate the toxins and promotes hydration, which helps you heal faster.
Tea, boiled vegetables and vegetable soups help relieve mucus and are effective in reducing neck pain.