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Heal Your Body With The Help Of Earth Energy

Subtle earthy element in the spiritual tradition of Yoga system multilevel System of Oriental wisdom which is the Yoga of the earth’s subtle energy studied at a depth hitherto untouched by any other system of the East or West, this Science and the origin of other systems such as holistic Taoism in China, Alchemy and astrology in the West, etc.

According to yogic science, the energy of the Earth is governed in the human being subtle energy, whose projection at the level of the physical body is located in the area between the anus and sex.
This Center, called Muladhara Chakra in the Sanskrit language, could be located by the biophysics through the electronografy-system which enables the human body aura competencies through specialized devices.

Controlled Energy

Controlled energy of this force, Muladhara, is responsible for the maintenance of certain vital functions of the body, as well as spiritual and mental structures of the human being.
functions of the body
The human body, the energy of the Earth gives solidity, force, force. It is located at the base of the processes of growth and consolidation. The human psyche, she gives it stability, regeneration, a certain resistance to aggressive stimuli from the outside.
The instinct that energy of the Earth is powerfully finds that of conservation. The human mind, the energy of the Earth gives it stability, ability to structure, to maintain. Mental processes initiated under the impulse of this energy are slow, hardly changed from the outside, featuring a large fixity.

System of Harmonization

In the system of harmonization of Yogi human being, knowing of the existence of this outbreak of the human being is not just mere theoretical information, but constitute the very foundation of the realization process of rebalancing.
From the point of view of the Yogis, the work of Muladhara chakra in human being can be harmonious and balanced (which will result in a vitality and an exceptional power to being in question) or perturbated (which will cause the the appearance of numerous problems, from disturbance of body vitality, the occurrence of diseases and mental disorders even serious, such as paranoia).
One of the secrets of the Yogis is direct, by means of simple, but perfectly suited to any man (such as postural attitude, asana, pranayama breath control, breathing, concentration, meditation, etc.) on the activity of these energy from outbreaks being, which leads not only to a State of profound physical and inner balance, but also to develop amazing skills to the casual observer, such as cruelty, vitality reductions, but natural necessity to sleep, a considerable power of action, physical strength, a perfectly healthy body, a quiet and stable mind, strength, etc.
physical strength
Each of us is gifted with such an outbreak, but too few we are yet unaware of his existence and the possibility of acting directly upon this fundamental energy of being. What we can seize but all easily is the reflection of the activity more or less harmonious Muladhara chakra to his over our health status, on the psyche, the prevailing emotions, and mind.
Our way of thinking, feeling and acting, as well as our State of health, are in a close connection and interdependence, which are all but determined the energy of these genuine “outbreaks of” invisible human being. We will review in the following several aspects determined the degree of harmony or disharmony of the outbreak from our being’s energy, as well as the way in which his work can be balanced by means of methods pertaining to the lifestyle, attitude inside, food and certain yogic body processes.

Health Disorders

Health disorders that we generate energy dis harmonies the Earth. in Earth Energy human being is assimilated by us through feeding, of breathing, of interactions with other people, Auric and capture (of which most of us are not aware of some streams) cosmic energy, ubiquitous in nature, directly at the level of the outbreak.
Anorexic people (with a pathological lack of appetite), which feed on weak food calorie, which have superficial breathing, living under the fears and anxieties have the energy of the Earth at very low odds.
On the contrary, people who bake excess food, very high in calories, excessively concerned about the accumulation of power, money, and properties shows an excess of this energy. Finally, there are people who prefer certain foods, impure drugs such as alcohol, which indulge in mean-spirited emotions such as predator instinct, pathological fear for life; to these people, the energy of the Earth is disrupted powerfully, generating serious illnesses of the body and psyche.
pathological fear
¬†Maybe either pedantic in terms of appearance, but the excess energy of the Earth is “betrayed” by the lack of refinement, of exclusive concern for material comforts, for accumulating money and possessions, charged in this case as a forced in order to ensure a certain high-security level.
If the feminine side of personality prevails, these people will be very cowardly and caring with their own safety and life; in the case of a male, the prevailing side of the person in question will have certain rapacity, bullying, being dominated by very strong Hunter instincts-predator.

Diseases and Disorders

Diseases and disorders such as obesity, weight gain and loading with colon toxins along with the consequences of them, women lack the outlines and female characteristics, then drowsiness, delays in mental development, articulation diseases accompanied by stiffness, certain types of tumors occur in people who present this energy excess.
weight gain
Thanks to an exclusive focus on the material aspects, the soul of such persons are unable to taste sustainable happiness, which can occur only in the light of love. The scarcity of energy beings who do not have enough energy of this kind (hence, in their case, the Energy Center Muladhara is extremely weak on) have a thin or lifeless body strength (despite the possible accumulation of adipose tissue that gives the illusion of vitality) and are incapable of a long-term effort.
The skeletal and muscular systems are fragile, and breathing is shallow and hurried. The effective plan lacks emotional stability, enthusiasm and tends to fade due to a lack of energy. From the mental point of view, they are devoid of power concentration on large periods of time, their power of completion is extremely reduced.
They are often highly labile, people fleeing the uncontrolled mind from one idea to another. In everyday language, it said about these people as “Park doesn’t have ground under his feet” or “Park you would have picked someone from Earth under your feet”-two phrases of plastics of their lack of solidity and stability. Diseases and disorders that occur in the case of the Earth’s energy shortages are anorexia (lack of appetite pathological), physical weakness, bone fragility and recurrent infections, vascular, appeared on de vitalization fund, gives chronically insomnia, anxiety. In the Terminal phases of certain serious diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, serious infections, these serious symptoms of the Earth’s energy shortages, which announces the imminent fact and death.

Disruption of Energy

Disruption of energy Besides quantitative considerations relating to the energy of the Earth, there is a kind of considerations at least equally important: the quality. In the current language, it said about a person that is more “refined” or “scaffolding”, such as physical appearance, and behavioral manifestations.
These expressions do not just have to measure the quality of this energy. When the Earth’s energy is harmonious and refined, the man enjoying the vitality of a body and a face with regular, symmetrical outline, pleasant, stable and systematic mind, a psychic is characterized by stability, calm, deepening trend, featuring character traits such as patience, tenacity, perseverance, courage the canny.
Under the terms of a diet with plenty of meat, impure, fat, fried food, preserved foods. Hunting, steaks in the blood, alcohol, tobacco are the true sources of contamination with Earth’s perturbed energies. All of these actions for the being produces strong pollution and even lock the centre’s energy vitality, which makes it work only in a range of very low energies and coarse.
alcohol, tobacco

Activities Such as Hunting

Activities such as hunting, hard and brutal sports (boxing, wrestling, catch), the underworld criminal actions, wars are heavily fueled and supported by very low energies of the Earth.
Under these conditions, over time, the body becomes asymmetric, misshapen, like face, appear contradictory instincts and feelings such as longing to loot, combined with a pathological fear of death, desire to destroy, to cause anarchy along with a sickly need of attention and, paradoxically, of affection.
Some famous pianists of the ‘ Heroes ‘ of the big screens (such as the famous Rambo, for example), as well as many of the leaders of fascists and Communists (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler), are creatures whose behavior shows a clear disturbance of the Earth’s energy.
Paranoia (a severe form of psychosis) is a disease caused by this disruption. Alcoholics also presents serious pollution and perversion of Earth energy, which, by the way, determine and amplify the beastly instincts match coarse in their case, simultaneously with a darkening of the soul and consciousness.
Among physical diseases produced by Earth energy from impurification in human being: cancer (especially at the colon and to the rectum), chronic constipation, intestinal infections, certain forms of bulimia and anorexia, obesity, rheumatism, and other diseases.
Mental disorders produced by this disrupted energy of earth consist of: pathological fear of death whenever the process of aging, anxiety, bouts of violence, instinct to loot and to annihilate other human beings.
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