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Healthy Colon Healthy You

There’s no doubt in the medical world: you need a clean, healthy colon, to assimilate nutrients and to get rid of food waste. However many people have compacted colon so-called half full with food waste and toxins.
This can generate a multitude of bowel problems and even chronic illnesses. Although some people go out to the restroom regularly once a day, it is no wonder that they got that with them into the colon from debris ingested even a week before. A colon in a damaged condition can carry at least 5 pounds of food waste.
This creates a favorable environment for unfriendly bacteria and can cause problems such as headaches, indigestion, flatulence, colitis and colon cancer. When this waste accumulates, you become weak and nifty colon, causing constipation. Accumulating hardens on the walls of the colon peristaltic movements and thus prevent (natural movements of muscle contraction of the intestine) and thus more and more accumulation takes place. Eventually however the final process of absorption and digestion; instead of absorbing nutrients, food rots unprocessed create toxic conditions. Three simple steps for a healthy colon
colitis and colon cancer

1. Reply promptly to the call of nature when you feel the need for disposal.

Try to fix a routine to go to the bathroom in the morning when you wake up. All night long, intestinal movements were active at both bacterial and inactive metabolic level, so you need the release.

2. When you sit on the toilet, put a little chair or a box under both feet, high enough to bring you into a position of GenoFlex. 

This position is a natural position where removal is encouraged.
The modern design of toilets has contributed to countless cases of constipation.


Exercise prevents the weakening of abdominal muscles. The movement brings blood full of guts, blood oxygen is reported to give health and vitality of the cells.
abdominal muscles
Exercise also stimulates the peristaltic movements (but don’t do the exercises immediately after you’ve eaten, because digestion requires a large amount of energy).
Besides these three easy steps above, help the colon regain strength and tone.
Enemas are especially useful in the first couple of weeks in which you have decided to change the time, waste and toxins are sent to the colon to be removed from every part of the body. You can give yourself an enema using a special device can be found in stores. It is usually constituted from a long colon sterilized bag attached to a special enema filled with water (one or two quarters).
While you’re sitting on your back with a pillow under your buttocks, insert lubricant tube. Then allow the water to enter the colon gradually. Leave to enter how much water can you and let it go out when you feel the need (never forced to keep water inside).
A more effective approach is through the use of water instead of coffee, coffee containing substances that directly stimulate the detoxification of the liver. Colon hydrotherapy some cases require a more complex method.
Colon hydrotherapy or colonic hydrotherapy is a sort of enema during which water is introduced continuously throughout the entire length of the colon by a professional. While the water is introduced, it begins to slowly wash away deposits on the edges that are removed through a tube of glass.
Colon hydrotherapy
It is a more costly method, but that is done under the careful supervision of a specialized personnel and that besides the fact that it is done safely, provides to operate on the entire length of the colon, reaching up to elbow located even under the appendix, where there are gathered usually many of these residues. In fact, many complications related to these emerging toxic accumulations appear.
Experts recommend a minimum of 3 procedures of the colon hydrotherapy per annually. Are individuals who have removed through this process, the food that we consumed even ten years ago, so you kinda realize how important is this cleaning. In all European countries save started to appear for some years such centers where they can perform colon hydrotherapies, sadly, personnel cannot now recommend such a place but is it enough to search on the internet and to make sure you are doing a good job.
Unhealthy food choices devoid of fiber and nutrients needed will restore your bowel condition at the same stage at which you left. Once you decided to put into practice the above, automatically you have to change and how to eat.
Thus, try to reduce as much processed foods and free of fibers (white sugar, white flour, pastry, meat products, dairy products, juices, carbonated beverages, alcohol, tobacco) and enter in your whole foods diet, full of vitamins, minerals and fiber, as fresh and less altered (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural juices).
And remember, the colon is the main channel of the drain of the waste from the body. For the body to rid itself of easy, the colon must be always clean and functional.
A healthy colon is even affected by both physical health and mental and mood of each individual.
Updated: 9 April 2019

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