Herbs & Spices That Boost Brain Power

It is a reality that there are many natural herbs and spices gifted to us by Mother Nature that can help in keeping good health of the body, skin and even the brain! According to researchers, there are some handful of plants and spices that work surprises for the brain and memory if taken in the right dose each day. So what are these plants? Are they some exotic mixtures, available in high-end grocery stores? Well, this list might just wonder you!

  • Cinnamon

Alzheimer’s is a cerebral disorder and the most common form of dementia. There is no known threat to this dreadful disease. So when it comes to Alzheimer’s, prevention is the only method. Cinnamon comprises a compound that helps in keeping this heartbreaking disorder at bay. The mixtures also help in activating the Tau proteins in the physique that leads to stabilization of microtubules. These help in keeping the mind healthy and give you a sharp memory.

  • Sage


The International plant Association awarded ‘Sage’ the title of Herb of the year, in 2001. With its sweet, savory flavor and abundance of health benefits, sage is a hot favorite among people who know their plant. Some of the active elements present in Sage help in improving the transmitting signals in the mind. These chemicals also help in stopping the degeneration of the nerves and helps in improving the memory and mind power. So brew a cup of sage tea, and drink your method to a better mind!

  • Nutmeg

This is one plant on our list that can be called exotic to an extent! Myristicin is one mixture that is present in this space that works well for mind power. It is known to recover the memory levels and also reduces tiredness and stress. You can also apply nutmeg oil and get the same benefits

  • Basil

Basil leaves are a warehouse of therapeutic benefits. This herb has religious importance according to many cultures and is also loaded with benefits for the mind if used in the right manner. The methanol extracts from this herb can decrease all kinds of damage to the mind. Basil oil can also be used in aromatherapy and help recover concentration levels.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea

Yes, Green Tea! Nothing unusual about it, is there? This easily available product comprises a herb that’s best for the overall health of a person. The high levels of antioxidants in this plant help in improving mind power too. The extracts are known to defend the protein and lipids in the body and thus, stop the aging of the nerves in the mind. 2-3 cups of green tea each day will help you keep dementia at bay and will also sharpen your mind!

  • Ginseng

According to professionals, ginseng has goods that can help cure mental impairment. Ginseng extracts, when taken in the right dose, helps in improvement of memory as well as activation of neurotransmitter activities in the brain, thus improving mind power

  • Turmeric


Turmeric is best for your brain! How wonderful is that? One of the most commonly used spices in kitchens; the humble turmeric has innumerable benefits for the human physique. It not only adds a hint of flavor and color to your meals but also helps to keep the mind sharp and happy! Curcumin is one of the chemicals present in turmeric that also helps in stoppage of Alzheimer’s disease. Apart from that, it helps in improving remembrance and has antidepressant qualities. Turmeric also helps in curing the damage caused by alcohol on the mind.

  • Oregano

Apart from adding that subtle flavor to your favorite dish, Oregano is also known for destroying the free radicals existing in the body. This is because of the high levels of antioxidants present in this plant. Oregano extracts are wonderful products that not only recover mental health but also helps you de-stress and concentrates better. You can also use oregano for aromatherapy – a certain shot method to calm your nerves.

  • Black Pepper

The pipeline is one of the chemicals present in the spice we well know as Black Pepper. This chemical helps in improving the stimulation of beta-endorphins that is known to work surprises on our cognitive abilities. It also helps the body and brain to relax. Black pepper is also used to cure mood disorders. So, spice up your morose, gloomy days with black pepper!