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How to Create a Conducive Learning Environment at Home

Besides sending kids to school, parents have an obligation to encourage their learning at home, too. But, how can we provide our children with an environment and atmosphere that will bring out the best in them? Here are a few secrets that will help you achieve the optimal learning environment, boost your children’s curiosity and get them hungry for knowledge.

Select the space

Select the space

Finding a room that will serve as a “classroom” should be your first and most important step. Pick a room that is a bit isolated, but still close enough to the rest of the household to feel safe and comfy. If your kid is old enough, let them be involved in room selection! This will allow them to embrace the space better and acknowledge it as their own. It will also show your child how much you value their education and respect their decisions and independence.

Light it up

It’s amazing just how much lighting can affect your child’s ability and will to study. So, in order to boost the comfort and practicality of the space, you should make it well illuminated. Ensure you have different layers of lighting for different tasks. For instance, writing requires focused table lamps while building projects need general lighting. However, make sure that the lighting is not too bright or too dim for the task to prevent eye strain and discomfort.

Equip it for the win!

Equip it for the win

Also, make sure the room is well equipped with all necessary furniture and tools. For instance, check out affordable Winc online assortment and you’ll find everything your child might need for studying, drawing, coloring, experimenting and doing different types of school projects. However, pay special attention to furniture! Ergonomic desk and chair are super important since they can make studying healthier and more comfortable.

Control noise

Control noise

Noise will have a huge negative effect on your kids’ performance since it’s a big distraction. There is practical sound absorbing panels that can help you control the noise levels and ensure your kids have a peaceful study space, especially when combined with good wall and ceiling insulation. Older kids who love working while music plays in the background would also greatly benefit from noise-canceling headphones.

Make it clean

Another thing you can do to boost productivity and comfort in the study room is to remove clutter. Clutter is a huge distraction, plus it attracts dust and other allergens. So, equip the study with plenty of storage space to accommodate learning tools and gadgets, and create some rules about what can go into the room.

Create good routines

Create good routines

Having a proper study space is very important, but it’s not the only thing you can do in order to create a conducive learning environment at home. Make sure to nurture healthy routines like homework time, reading time and bedtime. As your kids grow older, these rules will become habits and your child will know exactly when it’s time to learn (work), play and rest. It’s a valuable gift they will benefit from their entire lives!

Include your entire house

This step is especially important for younger kids who are still learning through play and exploration. So, besides the study room, make sure to have a child-friendly home in general. Low shelves, towel hooks, kid-sized chairs and cutlery, and stepping stools can turn your entire home into a school! Even games can encourage learning. Chess, puzzles and card games all require logical thinking, strategy, patience, cooperation, and other useful skills.

Make chores educational

Make chores educational

Chores you assign to kids will not only help you around the house but also give them a valuable opportunity to learn and acquire new skills. Setting the table, helping with cooking and hanging clothes to dry can all be transformed into little lessons about colors, numbers, shapes, and words! Garden work is an especially good opportunity to learn about plants, animals, ecology, growth, nurturing and responsibility.
If you provide your kids with comfortable space, but also serve as a good role model who provides them with learning opportunities and encourages good behaviors, your children will love to learn, be curious and have plenty of motivation to achieve great academic results!

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