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How to Cure Constipation Naturally

Anyone suffering from constipation has serious health problems. The best foods for regular bowel and digestive health are raw fruits and vegetables.  Foods rich in refined sugar encourages the multiplication of fungi throughout the body, including the colon. Overcrowding with fungus may exceed the beneficial bacteria, numerical causing digestive problems. Lack of exercise and dehydration can lead to constipation. To prevent constipation, consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, organic and raw. Exercise moisturizes and considers intestinal cleaning to heal and strengthen the entire gastrointestinal system. Remedies against constipation with a fast effect there are many natural remedies for constipation fast and lightweight, the plums and plum juices up to enemas. Many are transferred from one generation to the next. 

Epsom salts

Epsom salts are a laxative known which can be taken orally or used in the form of an enema. But we must strictly observe the instructions because Epsom salts are not recommended for those suffering from kidney disease or have nutrition with restriction of magnesium. Although there are very rare cases of toxicity caused by magnesium, it can also cause death.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a remedy used by many generations in folk medicine, but there are many voices expressing concern about the toxicity of castor.  

caster oil


Two tablespoons of honey to help in case of constipation, but honey, despite its antimicrobial properties, it is not recommended to those who are experiencing overcrowding with candida.Natural remedies for constipation are many remedies that can be used at home, but if you suffer from chronic constipation due to an injury, you need something more than a simple remedy traditional remedy.


Often “nature cure” prunes contain sorbitol, a natural laxative. Prunes contain soluble fiber and insoluble.

Olive oil 

Olive oil easily can serve him as cure constipation. It’s easy to understand why it is so useful: ‘ grease ‘ everything on the inside, making things up ‘to go’, and the olive oil stimulates digestion, speeding up the bowel. Start with one tablespoon of oil and increase the amount until you get the desired effect. Works best on an empty stomach.  You can add a little lemon juice to keep them longer alleviate flavor (lemon juice acts and them as a natural remedy against constipation). 

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil and coconut oil, these oils that act and are used just like the olives.

Flaxseed oil

Black molasses Syrup

Black molasses (not the usual) contains many vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, a natural laxative. You can start with a teaspoon or even with a spoon.


Coffee has a laxative effect on the body, but there are controversial opinions with regard to its consumption. 


Sport is great for eliminating chronic constipation, but especially exercising helps to detoxify organs to function better. 


Aloe is best to use pure aloe vera gel directly from the plant. Start with 2 tablespoons. If you don’t have an aloe vera plant, you can buy aloe gel or aloe vera juice from the store. 

aloe vera gel

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is incredibly versatile. It can be used to combat constipation, indigestion and the other stomach problems because it’s a bicarbonate. Baking soda is pushing air out, in one way or another, which will remove the pressure and pain, but you will be able to cause a different type of pain.  Take a tablespoon of warm water. Epsom salt is an effective remedy because salt absorbs water, softens the stool, and Epsom salt contains magnesium. Mix two tablespoons of water or prune juice. 


Dandelion is a laxative and an efficient detoxifier. Consume a cup of tea from the dried leaves of dandelion or can consume fresh leaves in the form of salad. 


Unhealthy intestinal Flora and constipation can lead to imbalanced, allowing undigested fecal matter from the intestinal tract to feed on harmful organisms. If constipation is caused by candida or other unfriendly bacteria, probiotics can stimulate intestinal transit. 


Yogurt or other fermented products from trade are not the best probiotics because bacteria may not bypass gastric acid from the stomach, which kills them.  Consume probiotics made to resist stomach acid.  


Poor nutrition and poor health of the colon leading to constipation. Abusive consumption of laxatives soften bowel function and lead to chronic constipation.  The stool should be an easy process, lacking effort and quick. If after healthy nutrition, constipation occurs it is necessary cleaning of the colon.   Otherwise, anyone can benefit from a colon detox once per year.

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