11 Tips How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

how to improve your marriage without talking about it, Do you remember your first marriage? You believe that you will be able to spend the rest of your life with others, you may feel sparkling! How to improve marital communication may be the last thing in your mind.

Now the honeymoon is over and how it feels

Whether you have been married for a year or ten years, it is inconceivable to feel a certain grayness. The last time you really looked at your spouse, what did you last say? If you want to improve the marriage, if you want to improve your marriage, finally see the need to do some maintenance. This may certainly be hard work, but you will find that once you start, it will become easier.

What are your benefits to them?

Before you start, look at your spouse, just like now. Do not think for a while, do not expect them in the future. What do you see? Maybe you will see people who never give up, or maybe you see the gift you respect. Your spouse is morally excellent, you know they will help you, whatever you need? It is important to remember that this is what you intend to improve marital communication!

Ask them what is going on

If you are interested in improving your marital status, please modify it first. For example, ask them how to find the real answer. The simple response to “fine” is not what you want; instead, you should spend some time making sure they understand that you really want to know. They have any frustration, they want to share with you what kind of success? This is something you should be interested in, so make sure you know what happened in their life.

Share it

If you want to keep a good communication in your marriage, remember that you are looking at a two – way street. If you want your spouse to share with you, you need to share with them. What are you doing, are you proud of this, do you want them to know you? Many people forget their spouse’s interest in them, so see what you want them to know.

Go out together

Good relationship is very strong, withstood the test of time, is based on common experience. Take some time to consider what kind of choice you want. It can go to the movies together, maybe you want to go to weekend holidays. The more you talk about, the more you talk about, the more ways you can improve your marriage.

Start changing yourself

If you have a tendency to change your partner, first change yourself. Yes, your partner is just your identity. Ask yourself a good question is “Are I willing to marry myself? If your answer is no, you need to start to change yourself, change there will be a cascading effect that you will change and your energy will be different Notice that he will start to reflect on the new, just try and you will see the difference.


communication is the key to health. True communication involves active listening. Listen positively to listen to each other, do not worry about the next step you will say, or think of your problem. So active communication takes time and effort. When you cook or watch TV, you can not listen positively.

praise your partner

it takes effort, especially if you have a tendency to see a negative tendency. In this society, we have the conditions to always see the negative. So the next time to say some negative news, and find some positive words to say your partner. When you praise your partner, if you are interrelated, please praise him, but the most important thing is to praise yourself every day.

keep intimate companion

Now, for obvious reasons, most of my customers will not argue. As long as you are still attracted by your partner, still have a strong feeling for them, tell them how much you love their body.

enjoy each other’s company

One night a week, let you enjoy with your partner. Go out for dinner, or go to the movies. Or if money is a problem, spend a night watching DVD – make sure they are not distracted, but if you have kids, get a nanny.

little things

praise your partner for their little things to do. Every time to get the opportunity to praise each other praise. Pay attention to each other’s needs.