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Is Broccoli The New Miracle That Can Kill Cancer?

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that is deemed to have the power to even reduce the risk of cancer. Studies are being conducted by researchers to verify this and some details regarding the same are mentioned here. There is a compound present in broccoli, termed as sulforaphane that has the power to increase the anti-cancer fighting agents of your body. According to researchers at Institute of Food research, this compound helps in maintenance of a healthy balance of antioxidants and is highly effective in acting against the adverse effects of dietary, environmental or other carcinogens.

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Researchers claim that Sulforaphane is present in broccoli sprouts and broccoli. It prevents the formation of new cancer cells as well as destroys existing cancer cells. Studies report that cancer cells, when treated with sup hora Phane, prevent information of new tumors in mice and it has no effect on normal cells. The chemotherapy techniques used as treatments for cancer nowadays does not kill the stem cells, which leads to return and spreading of cancer.

This completely new form of treatment is being studied to treat breast cancer patients as healthy cells are not destroyed along with the ones with diseases. Broccoli is also rich in indole compounds which fight against breast cancer by modifying estrogen metabolism that has a positive impact health of women. Studies are being conducted to see whether consumption of broccoli extract up to three times a day can slow down the development of cancerous cells. According to health tips, eating more broccoli is healthy, but studies related to cancer say that you have to eat several servings of broccoli per day to have some useful effect. Overall, broccoli is good for you and when you include more broccoli as a part of your diet, you get the benefit of all the healthy vitamins present in it a well as detox your body naturally. Broccoli is also reported to be useful in preventing and treating prostate cancer and colon cancer. Broccoli sprouts have anti-cancer properties due to their increased nutrient capacity and higher rates of absorptive digestion.

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