Why kids suffer from ADHD? Causes and how to take control. Truth exposed.

ADHD (hyperactivity syndrome/hyperkinetic disorder and attention deficit) is a diagnosis put under a combination of behaviors, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate and unable to control their impulses. Food allergies, lack of sleep (or lack of sleep) and toxicity of heavy metals are the major factors causing.

ADHD is a syndrome fast growing. If we look at children’s meals and nutrients today-full of processed foods with corn syrup rich in fructose, artificial colors, preservatives, flavors and partially hydrogenated oils-should we wonder how they manage to make ends meet.

children's meals and nutrients
Today’s kids are exhausted. Very few of them have enough sleep or quality sleep, nor they do enough movement. Many babies are injected with vaccines. If we add the poor nourishment, you don’t have to be surprised that our kids are overworked, stressed and overwhelmed by toxins.

Hyperactivity and lack of concentration or inability to control impulses are a natural consequence of a tired mind and no longer operates within normal parameters.

Drugs like Ritalin have a calming effect on those who suffer from ADHD because they are exciting. They stimulate the brains of tired and overworked.
Don’t say that ADHD does not exist. On the contrary, ADHD, as well as cancer, diabetes and many other diseases, is a symptom of an overworked and full of toxins body. And in modern society today, with so many unhealthy foods and electronic stimulation, sleep quality and adequate nourishment, so necessary in the formative years of children, have become a luxury.

So to cure such a State, you have to remove all the causes that provoked or maintain this state.

Artificial flavors, colorings, conservators and refined sugars should be avoided. Approximately 95% of children with ADHD are allergic to artificial colorings and all the ingredients mentioned above do not do but to worsen health. Children should be tested for various food intolerances, especially to gluten and dairy.

Their meals should consist of as many raw and fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods.