Know Your Shampoo

Sometimes it’s easier to make a shampoo at home than to find one product without parabens and other chemicals. You can get a shampoo from natural ingredients at home and to be sure that the hair will receive the necessary care.

Here is the secret to your personal shampoo:

  • Ingredients:

  1. -1 banana.
  2. -1 egg yolk.
  3. -1 lemon (lemon juice).
  4. -You can add 1 ml. of Panthenol D and 5 drops of extract of Seabuckthorn.
  5. -Add a vial of vitamin A, В6 and В12.
  • How to prepare:

Clean the banana and with a knife take off the top layer of the fruit. Drain the juice from the lemon and egg yolk. Mix these ingredients well and add panthenol D and the vitamins. Keep the mixture for 2-3 days in the refrigerator. And use it as shampoo. You can use it first as a hair mask or try to apply it to dry hair for 30 minutes, then wet the hair and massage gently, then rinsed normally. Paraben and chemical free shampoo that will make your hair thank you.