How to Convince your Mind to Crave Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

One of the most difficult obstacles of the past in the transition to a healthy lifestyle is food cravings. Although many are trying to overcome them through will power, considering that, statistically speaking, 95% of those pertaining to the initial weight of the regime, it is clear that you need …

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How Does the Free Play and Time Spent Outside Effect a Child’s Development?

Time Spent Outside

Research shows that nature and time spent in nature, have positive effects on the child’s character and his health condition in general. Contact with nature enhances creativity, improves cognitive skills, reduce the rate of obesity and many others. In addition, recent studies show that not only nature can have this …

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Technology Exposure And Benefits. Is It Worth The Risk To Our Health?

Technology Exposure

Did you know that technology will seriously damage health? Unfortunately, many people still do not understand. The World Health Organization, saying that there are great risks as a result of exposure to the fields of electronics, laptops, mobile phones, and iPods. This exposure can increase the risk of cancer, brain …

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5 Ways To Encourage Your Children To Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

Did you ever try to feed your baby with something healthy and nutritious, and he is protesting with ‘ yak ‘, ‘ ieeee ‘ or ‘ I hate it ‘? If this scenario sounds familiar, you know that you’re not alone! Many parents are trying to develop their children’s habit …

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The Fasting Could Cure Diabetes and Regenerate the Pancreas

Regenerate the Pancreas

According to a new study published in the American Journal “Cell” (Cell), a new diet based on fasting can click the reboot of the body. The study shows that diet stimulates the pancreas to regenerate alone, which leads to a blood sugar level regulation and to cure the symptoms of …

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Foods that Create Mucus and Food that Eliminate Mucus

Create Mucus

Anyone have mucus in the body until at some point it is intended or useful. But when the secretion of mucus in the body occurs in response to certain foods or items in the environment, the problems begin to appear, especially in the context of the device respiratory system! Foods …

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The Link Between Stress, Disease And Magnesium

Disease And Magnesium

In these days one of the most common deficiencies, which can be life-threatening, is the magnesium. The good news is that it can be repaired with ease … Health authorities estimated that over 60% of adults in the West have a magnesium intake situated below the minimum required. What we …

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Quit Smoking for Good is Easy

Quit Smoking

Most smokers believe that nicotine is the root of their addiction, but there are in fact other 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes causes anxiety and induce the need for release on consumer brings nicotine, but only for about 15 to 20 minutes. Number of toxic chemicals from cigarettes wreak havoc upon …

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5 Surprising Ways to Use the Power of Activated Charcoal to Detox Your Body

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the purest and adsorbing substances known to man. It connects to and removes from the body can protect, improves intestinal health through the process known as ‘ adsorption ‘ which means rather ‘ attract ‘ and not ‘ absorbs ‘. Activated charcoal is used routinely …

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Find Out The 22 Ways Sodas Shortens Our Lives

Sodas Shortens Our Lives

Many studies have shown the negative effects which can sodas have on health. Their use, however, seems to involve many more risks than we realize. According to statistics, an ordinary Westerner consumes over 126 grams of sugar a day. It’s a quantity what equates to 25.2 teaspoons, or more than …

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