The Best Ways to Combat Oily Skin

Combat Oily Skin

No woman wants to walk around with oily skin. You would always want to look fresh and nice, and having an oily skin makes your face looked tired, dull, and haggard. Having oily skin clogs your pores and causes blackheads, acne-flare ups, and other skin issues, so it is important …

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14 Essential Qualities for a Love That Lasts

Qualities for a Love

Nowadays you can see anywhere happy couples, on the means of communication media-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat-or even walking down the street. But things are not always as they seem. The idea of ‘ happy couple until deep great age ‘ does not have a magic recipe and nor is it …

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These Simple Methods Will Reverse the Aging of Skin in Only A Few Months

Aging of Skin

Reversing the aging process of the skin was observed in smokers who have quit smoking for at least nine months. That does not mean, of course, as non-smokers and they cannot experience such improvements, exposure to chemicals, avoiding detoxify Candu, or adding to your daily nourishment nutrients and Phytochemicals, as …

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The 9 Most Exciting Beauty Products To Try In 2019

beauty products

Last year was among the best year in the reign of beauty products. Just when we thought there will be no better product compared to 2018, 2019 came in hot. Most of the launched product in 2019 is innovative and very attractive. The rate at which these new beauty products …

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Earthing. Connect To The Earth And Capture The Energy.The Medical And Therapeutical Powers Discovered.


Earth as a symbol In order to better understand how deep is inculcated in our subconscious minds and in reality this element, Earth, it is enough to analyze some of the symbolic representations that he acquired in the consciousness of the people along the time. An essential element for the …

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Healing Through Creative Visualization. The use of mental power for the accumulation and management of the vital power in the body.

Creative Visualization

The doctor and psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, Dr. Gerald Epstein is a pioneer in using creative visualization as a method of treatment. For nearly 30 years, he has been exclusively dedicated to the development of these unusual methods of healing and has gained an international …

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16 Beauty Tips for Stressed City Moms

Stressed City Moms

Moms should get more credit for bringing up kids in such a fast-paced and stressful environment we have now, and not losing themselves in the process. Even amidst the daily stresses of taking care of your kids and the hustle and bustle of city life, you should make time for …

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Heal Your Body With The Help Of Earth Energy

Earth Energy

Subtle earthy element in the spiritual tradition of Yoga system multilevel System of Oriental wisdom which is the Yoga of the earth’s subtle energy studied at a depth hitherto untouched by any other system of the East or West, this Science and the origin of other systems such as holistic …

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The Healing Power Of Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds

The natural sounds of the five types of sensations, the sound is the most sensory form contact elevate. Therefore, it is the most appropriate vehicle or carrier of information. Sounds represent the most appropriate through which communication is achieved in nature. The sound is the very essence of communication, not …

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Slow Lymphatic system causes snoring and sleep apnea. Effective ways to keep your lymphatic system clean and healthy

Lymphatic system

What you may have heard about the lymphatic system is that it is comparable to the sewers. When there is a blockage in any of the ducts in your home you might feel not-so-pleasant odor coming from the sink. This occurs where an accumulation of particles, such as hair and …

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