How to Get Perfect Eyebrows for your Face Shape


Here is how to get perfect eyebrows for your face shape eyebrows are an important feature of the face because they give the shape of the face and form the facial features of the eye, nose, cheeks, mouth, and chin. Eyebrows are one of the few facial features that can be shaped to enhance the beauty of the face.

To achieve the most beautiful effect, it is important to consider the type of face and eyes. The perfect eyebrow shape is closely related to the actual shape of the face. The basic eyebrow shape is also determined by the skeletal structure of the face. The following is the most suitable description and description of the different shape of the eyebrow shape.

Perfect Eyebrows for your Face Shape

  • Oval – perfectly balanced face
  • Successful cheek and chin area; face length is relatively short
  • Long width front forehead, chin and neck bones width the same
  • Square – the width of the cheek and the forehead is similar; the width of the jaw line and the forehead are the same The heart is filling and the wider forehead is gradually reduced to the cheek and then dropped to a sharp chin
  • Diamond – the widest on the bones, quite narrow on the forehead and chin

Find the shape of the face

Oval face

Oval face

The oval frame is considered the perfect balance of the face; the upper half is the balance of the lower half. The oval surface is characterized by a neck bone slightly wider than the forehead or chin. In the cheek line also appears slightly wide, slightly down to the chin.

Perfect eyebrow shape oval face

The oval-shaped face can disappear with the shape of the eyebrows. Oval is the ideal face shape, any natural shape of the eyebrows can be a very good oval face. Oval is the perfect model framework.

Round face

The circular frame has a large curved forehead, with a rounded chin, so that the face looks like a very small angle. The cheekbone is undoubtedly wider than the eyebrows and chin lines. When measuring the round face, the face width is almost indistinguishable from the vertical measurement. His face is almost the same length.
Objective proportions – to create more definitions. By creating an oval appearance, you can enhance the facial features, extend the shape of the face, make your circular lenses more delicate,

Perfect eyebrow shape round face

The eyebrows are applied to the tapered portion by bending the eyebrows. The center of the arch should move toward the end of the eyebrow, and the end should be short. The high arched eyebrow shape can cause attention away from the width of the face.

Oblong face

The rectangular frame is wider than it is, and the width of the forehead, jawline and neck bone is the same. The rectangle may have a very narrow chin or a very high forehead. There is also a prominent chin showing a slender appearance.
The objective proportion – long oval face looks shorter and shorter.

Perfect eyebrow shape for the long face

To make long face oval, apply a horizontal line to face. Use the flat eyebrow line to keep the dome low; this can make the eye no longer rise. Ping Mei open the level of the eye so that the appearance of the oval. This eyebrow shape draws eyes from one side and prevents it from moving up and down.

Square face

The square frame has a wide forehead and a jawline and tends to have a sharper angle in the corner of the face. The width of your cheeks and forehead will be similar. The width of your jaws and forehead may also be similar to the overall appearance of the rectangular surface than its width.
Objective proportion – to create the length of illusory. The softening angle gives a narrower illusion of forehead and chin.

Perfect eyes shaped square face

Thick eyebrows are best suited for square frame surfaces with strong jawlines. When located on the square of the jaw, the peak of the eyebrow is the most effective. This eyebrow shape will balance the square appearance of the face and soften the facial contours.

Heart face

The heart frame fades gradually, the cheeks wider, wider, and then drop to the narrow and sharp chin. The face shape of the jaw is usually not prominent. The facial frame has a narrow chin, leading to a wide forehead, neck bones are obvious.
The objective proportions – create a narrower forehead and a complete chin illusion. Reduce the width of the forehead, to create a wider, more full of maxillofacial effect.

Perfect eyebrow shape for the face of the heart

Use a softer mountain to organize eyebrows to fit the heart-shaped face. The circular shape helps to strengthen the face by adding a curve with a lovely heart shape.

Diamond face

Diamond face

The diamond frame is the intersection between the heart and the dramatic oval face. Ek the widest, forehead and jaw in the same stenosis. Face height angle, forehead short, widest in temple neck bone than forehead and chin wide.
Objective proportions – create hallucinations to reduce the width of the cheekbone line.

Perfect pencil-shaped diamond face

There are two suitable shapes; the eyebrows will be rounded to soften the keratinous surface or will focus on the center of the eyebrow dome to balance the width of the face or the peak of the eyebrows, helping to narrow the width of the unique diamonds.

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