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Problem Of White Hair Patches

Split ends and breakage are not the only hair problems. But, problems like white patches also occur in human beings. Not only men but women also experience this problem. Actually, it is a disorder that can occur in any human being of any size and shape. Scientists call this disorder by “Poliosis.” Most people are facing this problem nowadays. So, you need not be surprised after looking at the white hair of a child. Like high blood pressure and obesity, white hair has also become a very common problem. The hair that you use for impressing others and becoming a center of attracting can be the cause for the disappointment. You just cannot look beautiful with white hair. Read this article for getting more information about white hair patches.

  • What is This Disorder?

The disorder “white hair patch” is commonly called by the name Poliosis. When a specific patch or streak of white hair is developed on normal hair, the process is known as Poliosis. The discoloration of the strands occurs because of the decrease of the pigment called melanin. It is this melanin that affects the age of melanin. It means that poliosis can persist for a shorter duration, or it can also remain for the entire lifetime. As already mentioned, poliosis can occur in people of all ages, no matter what is his/her sex or size. In poliosis, white hair patches also occur in other parts of the body. But, because of occurrence on the head, poliosis is mostly known by a hair disorder.

  • Causes of Poliosis

Poliosis occur from 2 particular effects

  1. Genes – Like many problems, white hair patches also occur from the transmission of genes from parents to babies. Many scientists exclaim that poliosis is a hereditary problem. They say that genes can be transferred at the time or birth, or they can cause a problem because of mutation issues.
  2. Diseases – If poliosis has not been developed from genes, it must be started because of diseases or health problems. Side effects and health problems occur during different parts of life and cause white hair patches. These side effects mostly develop from the bad quality food or germ contaminated water.

So, let us read some causes of poliosis:

  • Auto-Immune Diseases

 The diseases that mostly occur in females are the possible reasons that lead to white hair patches. The diseases such as

  1. Hypogonadism
  2. Sarcoidosis
  3. Neurofibromatosis
  4. Halo Nevus
  5. GAPO syndrome
  6. Vitiligo
  7. And skin cancer particularly causes poliosis

Genetic Problems – Here are some genetic disorders that lead to white hair patches in different types of human beings:

genetic disorders

  1. Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome
  2. Waardenburg’s syndrome
  3. Alezzandrini syndrome
  4. Piebaldism
  5. Giant Congenital Nevus

More Causes – In addition to these two problems, white hair patches can also occur due to

  1. Certain injuries
  2. Hypo-pigmentation in Eyes
  3. Unwanted stress
  4. Extra consumption of drugs
  5. The Aging Process
  6. Consumption of Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
  7. Occurrence of problems such as herpes zoster, melanisation defects, leprosy, alopecia areata, etc
  • Process Involved in the Diagnosis

If you want a proper diagnosis, you need to for a complete checkup. It is because poliosis is not associated with single cause or issue (as read above). After asking about the medical history of the patient and his/her entire family, these processes occur:

  1. Full physical inspection
  2. Nutritional and Endocrinal survey
  3. HB(Blood) Test
  4. Inspection and analysis of the skin sample
  5. Inspection about other neurological causes
  • Treatment of Poliosis

I guess you would be curious for knowing about the treatment of poliosis. Unfortunately, there is no proper treatment of poliosis. Once developed, you just cannot treat this problem during your entire life. However, you can minimize or avoid white hair problems by following some tips:

  1. Enhancing exposure to Ultra-Violet lamps
  2. Allowing an epidermal grafting on the part of the hair skin that has been de- pigmented and became white
  3. Avoiding extra antibiotics and drugs
  4. Applying a specific lotion like the Ammi Majus medication
  5. Fighting against all things or factors that cause white patches on the head
  6. Looking for natural remedies for curing the causative factors that lead to white hair patches.
  7. If you follow all these things, you will surely reduce the problem of white hair patches or poliosis.
  • Tip for Maintaining The Hair Glow

Well, it is just not possible to completes vanish the white hair patches. So, is this mean that you cannot make your hair shiny and glowing? Is this mean you cannot look beautiful and impress others?

coloring hair

Certainly no, there is always an alternative. And a hair dye becomes the best type of alternative. And no, you will not develop allergies or side effects. How can you experience side effects from the natural solutions? Instead of artificial coloring solutions, you should go for natural homemade hair dyes. Here are some home remedies for coloring hair:

  • A solution of Lemon Juice, Coconut Oil and Chamomile Tea

Heat 2 cups of water and then add 8-10 bags of chamomile tea bags in it. After waiting for 10 minutes, you should have a half cup of lemon juice and one-fourth of coconut oil. Now, stir the contents and you are ready with a natural hair dye

Coconut Oil

  1. Coffee

Just by taking a coffee powder, you make a fabulous hair dye. You should put 2 cups of water and set it over medium heat. Then, lower the temperature and add the better quality coffee powder. Finally, turn off the heat and wait for 10-15 minutes. Then, cover your hair with a particular cap and apply the dye.

  1. Walnut

Like the coffee powder, the walnut powder can also be used for coloring hair. Walnut powder contains two wonderful things – plumbagin and tannins. You need to add 1 and a half cup of water into the pan and allow it to boil. Next, you should add 8-10 tablespoons of the black walnut powder and wait for at least 1 hour. Then, wash your hair with this mixture.

Final Verdict

The problem of white hair patches has become very common these days. If you check in your surroundings, you will find my people with white hair patches. Poliosis, the hair disorder occurs in people of all ages and both sexes. Autoimmune diseases and congenital complications are the two common causes of poliosis. Moreover, extra stress, injuries and health problems also contribute to the occurrence of white hair patches. A complete inspection of the body including HB test and the endocrinal survey is performed during the hair diagnosis. If you want to avoid the white hair patches problem, you should reduce consumption of antibiotics and increase your exposure to ultra-violet lamps. Don’t worry, if you have developed the poliosis problem. You should use the coffee powder, walnut powder or a solution of chamomile tea and coconut oil for coloring your hair. Keep on following some tips for avoiding the weird look that can occur from white hair patches.

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