Reverse Gray Hair. Onion Juice, The Miracle That Works

Every one of us wants to stay young forever, but no one can stop the flow of time. The aging of the skin and graying of hair are the two most evident signs of aging. Hair turns gray when the body stops producing the pigment melanin that is responsible for the dark color of hair. In most cases, this occurs due to lack of nourishment and a well- balanced diet. It is best to treat problems of skin and hair such as dull and damaged hair, premature graying and dandruff with home remedies in order to minimize side effects.

Onion juice was once recommended by naturopaths if someone wanted to regrow their natural hair color. A few years ago researchers have discovered a substance against Vitiligo a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause. Basically, strands of hair turn white or gray due to low amounts of melanin, the pigment that gives your hair its natural color. The melanocyte activity slows down with age and the body gradually stops producing melanin. Interestingly, onion juice can promote the formation of that substance in our body in a really simple way.

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Hair graying is a natural process and appearance of gray hair from the mid-40s is normal. But it turns into a nightmare, especially for women when they find a strand of gray or white hair coming out from amidst the black ones as early as in their 20s or 30s. As soon as the first gray hairs appear, we become really concerned and sometimes even panic. Instead of covering those gray strands with commercial and chemical-laden hair colors, try some natural home remedies. In addition, eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron, copper, and iodine can contribute to this problem.

The hair dyes that can solve the problem but only temporarily, then re-dyeing is required, because the gray always gets back with every millimeter hair growth are not only for a short time but also very harmful, more than we think it is. I know we all want fast results, but are they safe? That’s important to know. So, let’s get deeper into the knowledge of gray hair, why it happens, how to avoid it and mostly how to reverse the time and get what we want back.

Lots of researchers were made during many years and it was found that gray hair is primarily caused by a buildup of hydrogen peroxide at the root of hair follicles and that this was due in great part to a reduction in the natural antioxidant compound catalase. In addition to helping to cleanse the scalp and follicles, onion juice also promotes the production of catalase. A catalase an enzyme that catalyzes the reduction of hydrogen peroxide, prevents gray hair as well as promotes thicker hair follicles.

  • Why onion juice? and what are the benefits?

First of all, onion juice has a certain clarifying and anti-bacterial effect and that’s how the scalp is purified and the circulation is stimulated. The researchers “new” breakthrough appears to be the rediscovery of a remedy for gray hair and baldness that herbalists have known for centuries: Onion juice. Hundreds of years ago, a famous herbalist John Gerard (1545- 1612) wrote: “the juice of onions anointed upon a bald head in the sun lightens the hair again very speedily.” Today, many herbalists recommend onion juice either alone or in combination with other natural substances as a remedy for gray and thinning hair. The application recommendations for onion juice are very simple.

You can cut an onion in half and rub it on the surface on the scalp. Or you can juice the onion with a juicer and massage the juice on the scalp several times a day. Onion juice is recommended for centuries by herbalists as a home remedy for graying hair or hair loss. However, it is important to distinguish between the boiled broth of onion skin and the actual onion juice, which is to ensure that the hair grows back to its natural color. So the cure for gray and thinning hair is onion juice that was used for ages and discovered to be one and the most effective ingredients that your hair will ever need. In addition, you should, of course, pay attention to healthy natural and nutritious diet as a must for a healthy, natural, luscious hair. With the help of our specialists and lots of research, we combined a good list of healthy natural remedies that will benefit your gray/thinning hair that is a guaranteed to change your life but most importantly your gray hair.

A brilliant home remedy for thinning hair and premature graying. Research shows that deficiency of antioxidant catalase and deposition of hydrogen peroxide in the hair roots are the two chief reasons for premature hair graying. Onion juice boosts up the level of catalase, thus restoring the natural color of the hair strands. Lemon juice adds a healthy shine to hair and prevents excessive oiliness of hair. Apply onion juice to your scalp, massage, and leave it on for about 30 minutes to an hour. Repeat the process daily for a few weeks. Guarantee results will astound you. 1.a. Also, rubbing onions and onion juice mixed with lemon on your scalp every day is a very potent natural remedy for gray hair (the only downside is, of course, the smell). Wheatgrass and barley grass are also rich in catalase so mix up a paste and rub this onto your scalp every day as well.

  • Onion and Lemon Juice-

Pack Onion is an age-old remedy for treating problems of hair loss and thinning hair. It is also one of the most effective gray hair remedies that help in preventing premature graying of hair.


  • Onion Juice – 3 Teaspoon Lemon Juice – 2 Teaspoon

  1. Mix onion and lemon juice in a glass bowl and apply on scalp and hair evenly. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild herbal shampoo. Repeat it 3 to 4 times a week for couple weeks.
  • Rosemary and Sage

Both these herbs help cover the gray by darkening your hair color naturally. Boil a half cup each of dried rosemary and sage in two cups of water. Let it sit for 1-2 hours. Strain the solution. Use it as a hair rinse after shampooing. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it out. Repeat on a weekly basis. Take an equal amount of rosemary and sage leaves in one cup of water. Steep and sieve the liquid to use as a natural hair colorant. Rosemary oil can also be applied directly to the hair.

  • Black Pepper

1 Gm of black pepper and ½ cup of curd is also a good option for massaging your hair and scalp to curb gray hair. Lemon juice can also be added to this mixture. Black tea helps darken your hair, as well as soften it and add shine. Or, Boil two teaspoons of black tea in a cup of water. Add a teaspoon of salt. Allow it to cool. Rinse your hair with this a few times. The last time, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your hair with cold water but do not use shampoo. Repeat the process once or twice a week. Another easy way to darken your hair is to mix ground coffee in your hair conditioner while applying it.

  • Curry Leaves.

Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil till it turns black. Apply this to your scalp as a hair tonic for treating the problems of hair loss and pigmentation.

Curry leaves can also be combined and used with curd or buttermilk. Curry leaves help increase darker pigmentation in your hair. When combined with coconut oil, it works as a great hair tonic. Boil a handful of fresh curry leaves in a tablespoon of coconut oil until they become charred. Strain the oil. Massage it into your hair. Leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes before rinsing it out. Follow this treatment at least once or twice a week. In addition, you can consume curry juice daily.

  • Ginger Grated

Ginger mixed with a tablespoon of honey must be taken on a daily basis for preventing hair from turning gray.

Reverse gray hair

  • Henna A

A mixture of 2 spoons of henna powder, 1 spoon of fenugreek paste, 2 spoons of basil leaves paste, 3 spoons of coffee, 3 spoons of mint juice, and 1 spoon of yogurt is proved to be very effective for treating gray hair. Apply this mixture regularly to get good results. Henna can also be mixed with coconut oil to get natural dark brown hair. Henna also works well when soaked overnight and mixed with walnut pulp. This mixture not only helps in curing gray hair but also gives a shiny touch to your strands.

  • Ghee (Clarified butter).

Massaging with pure ghee or clarified butter, twice in a week, curbs the problem of gray hair.

  • Amaranth

Apply the fresh juice of amaranth to preserve and maintain the natural color of your hair.  It is a very useful home remedy. Amaranth combats hair loss and helps stop premature graying by retaining the natural color of your hair. Shampoo your hair. Apply fresh juice extracted from amaranth leaves on your hair and scalp. Rinse it out.

Mustard Oil. Take 250 grams of mustard oil and boil it with 60 grams of henna leaves, till it entirely burns in the mustard oil. Apply this infusion in your hair to get black and shiny hair.

  • Biotin

Consume foodstuff rich in biotin as it slows down the progression of gray hair, naturally. Foods rich in biotin are egg yolks, tomatoes, yeast, soybeans, walnuts, carrots, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, cucumbers, oats, and almonds.

  • Aloe Vera Gel.

Apply aloe vera gel as a therapeutic remedy for premature graying of hair

  • Chamomile.

Boil chamomile powder for 20 minutes in water and strain it after it cools down. To treat gray hair, apply this brew regularly.

  • Homeopathic Remedies for Gray Hair

  1. Lycopodium Clavatum and Phosphoricum Acidum: A homeopathic combo of Lycopodium Clavatum and Phosphoricum Acidum can be used to prevent premature baldness and graying of hair.
  2. Lycopodium: This remedy is used when your strands turn gray, early.
  3. Psorinum: This medication is used when gray hair appears in spots. Other commonly used homeopathic remedies for premature graying of hair are Thyroidinum, Thuja, Sulphur, Graphites, Nat Mur and Acid photos. Causes of Graying of Hair
  • The causes of hair graying are several.

Here we have listed out a few common causes.

Aging or growing older



Vitamin B12 deficiency


Tuberous sclerosis

Neurofibromatosis Malnutrition

Pernicious Anemia

Tobacco Pollution

Improper care of hair

Heredity is a major reason for hair graying

Excessive use of tobacco and smoking

Chronic emotional stress or psychological worries

Lack nutrients such as vitamins, iron, copper and iodine in the diet

Medical conditions such as anemia, hypothyroidism, tuberous sclerosis or neurofibromatosis

Preventive Measures for Premature Graying of Hair

Keep your scalp clean.

Give space to iron and vitamin rich diet in your meal.

Avoid smoking. Avoid caffeine, junk food, and alcohol.

Ease stress. Do exercise.

Never wash hair with hot water.

Never comb your wet hair. Do not tie your wet hair. Let it dry first.

Don't wash your hair with hot water

Use mild shampoos and conditioners. Don’t use hair products, which contain harsh chemicals. Properly moisturize your strands. Cover your hair in winter when cold, and summer when too hot. Things to Avoid… This last home remedy for gray hair is very important. Make sure you stay away from all chemical shampoos, hair colorings, and dyes. These nasty products not only damage your hair and scalp, they can literally kill you with their toxic poisons!

Only ever use completely natural shampoos and conditioners (you need to get good at reading labels). Also avoid all processed foods and coffee as these leach valuable nutrients such as copper, iron, and zinc from the body. Instead, substitute green tea for coffee (it’s no coincidence that you rarely see a Japanese person under the age of 60 with gray hair and they also happen to be the biggest consumers of green tea in the world) along with eating plenty of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs such as garlic if possible.

Finally, avoid smoking and stress. Not only are these two of the biggest killers in the world today, they actually, contribute to gray hair more than anything else.