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Effects Of Exaggerated Consumption Of Sugar


Sugar, the food you find in almost all foods and drinks. Put it in your coffee or tea in the morning. You use it in baking, cookies, and crackers in order. Maybe put it on oatmeal flakes and or in cereals in the morning for more flavor. But you can …

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What happens with your body if you eat 12 almonds in a day?


Almonds are well-known as healthy foods, but what effects they have, more specifically, on the body? Rich in nutritional compounds often missing from our daily food, almonds can be the solution for many of the illnesses and chronic diseases today. Almonds are among the most nutrient-dense foods and it is …

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How To Naturally Relieve Joint Pain And Inflammation Using Herbs

Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain is typically caused by inflammation and can be severely debilitating. Here are some herbs that you can use to reduce painful joints and improve mobility. Joint inflammation can occur as a result of having a fever, gout, suffering from fatigue, having an injury or in more severe cases …

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