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7 of The Best Superfoods You Need in Your Diet


Superfoods are the latest buzz in the entire wellness sphere of Canada, and the world at large. They are said to have nutrient qualities that no other kind of food has and for the same reason, they are increasingly forming a significant part of diets all over the world. Considering …

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6 “Trendy” Foods that are Worth the Hype

Trendy Foods

From the emergence of different kinds of diets to the popularity of “superfoods” in recent years, it’s quite safe to say that more people are becoming more invested in their good health. These fads have come and gone over the years, with some practices like preparing bone broth making a …

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Lose Weight With Green Tea

lose weight with Green Tea

In a US study showed that regular intake of decaffeinated green tea in conjunction with running training the body weight reduced by almost 30 percent. The abdominal fat percentage decreased even by as much as 36.6 percent. This mode of action was completely independent of the other diets. The researchers …

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Reasons To Take Spirulina Every Day

Take Spirulina

We talk a lot about “superfood” here at Green Living Lifestyle because indeed there are thousands of options we can choose and each of them contains a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other healing components which fight off diseases. But one “super” that stands out, and that …

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