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A Simple Thing That Can Improve Dramatically Your Digestive Tract And Health Overall

Digestive Tract

The digestive tract is one of the main interfaces between the external environment and the blood system. When the digestive tract is irritated and affected, produces violent inflammation and stress throughout the body. Eating certain foods and supplements to improve the production of acids in the stomach can dramatically improve …

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Do You Feel Cold All The Time? Ask Yourself Why

Feel Cold

Are you one of those individuals who is always cold? You always need a sweater, even though the rest of the world is wearing a t-shirt? Maybe you’re more sensitive to cold weather-or maybe there are medical reasons for that is unusually cold. Here are some of the most common …

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What Causes Hair Loss In Women

hair loss

A woman’s body system goes through a lot of changes through her entire course of life. These changes can at times be a contributing factor in losing locks. But in order to treat this problem, we first need to figure out the original cause of it so that the apt …

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Reasons To Take Spirulina Every Day

Take Spirulina

We talk a lot about “superfood” here at Green Living Lifestyle because indeed there are thousands of options we can choose and each of them contains a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other healing components which fight off diseases. But one “super” that stands out, and that …

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