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The Pineal Gland or the Third Eye. How to Detox and Use the Most of It

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland also is known as the pineal body, epiphysis of or epiphysis cerebri, endocrine gland in the brain is the size of a grain of rice. It has the shape of a fir cone and is located in the center of the brain, behind and under the pituitary …

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Know how and what to do to prevent it. Plus Special Tea Recipes to Boost your Intestinal System

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder which suffers from over 60 million Western people and whose cause is not fully known. The disorder may have by reason of physical nature, such as overcrowding of bacteria in the small intestine, gastroenteritis, allergies or an abnormality of the gastrointestinal tract or …

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5 Home Remedies to Treat Yeast Infection

Treat Yeast Infection

Feeling scratchy down there and smelling a bit funkier can make you feel super uncomfortable. Vaginal infections are common in women, and it is estimated that seven women out of 10 experience some kind of vaginal infection at some point in their life even she can experience more than one …

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Treat Skin Tags Under Breasts

Treat Skin Tags Under Breasts

The reason most people dread skin tags is the tricky locations on the body these growths are likely to appear. Skin tags or acrochordons are tubular growths of skin tissue that occur in places where skin comes in contact with the skin such as on the neck,  near eyelids,  under …

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Natural Beauty Secrets of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Beauty Secrets of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

When it comes to beauty, we can learn a lot from the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, considered by many ones of the most beautiful women in the history of mankind. Fortunately, its beauty secrets were kept, so that women everywhere they can test it and enjoy the same seductive beauty who …

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7 Vitamins And Natural Supplements For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

He Obesity hurts your overall fitness and keeps you from doing the physical activities you enjoy. Losing weight is a priority for various people, but out hectic latest lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to healthy eating; sometimes you need a little help. Rather than taking unnaturally produced pharmaceuticals, consider the following …

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Natural Home Remedies To Lose Weight

Whether you are a kid, teenager, parent or a worker, you are concerned about your weight. It is due to the kinds of diet we are exposed to. Controlling the urge to devour that delicious chocolate ice cream is hard! Oily and stir fry foods and desserts seem to be …

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Amazing Remedies To Cure Thinning Hair

thining hair

Coconut Milk It is an unbelievable wellspring of protein and necessary fats that avoid hair loss and baldness. It also improves locks growth. This clarifies why numerous excellent locks care makers include this ingredient in their locks products. You can use coconut milk on your hair by grinding the white …

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Astonishing Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar does more than you know. Yes, you can use it in salad bandages, but did you know it will help your plot grow? Or soothe your painful throat? Here are 7 uses for apple cider vinegar you never knew about. After analysis this list, you’ll tell all …

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Top Ways To Get Rid Of Spider Veins

Spider veins, also known as Angioectasias, are small, dilated blood vessels. The affected vessels seem like thin red or blue lines on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes and appear like spider webs or tree branches. This problem mostly disturbs the legs, hands, and face, especially around the …

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