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Babies Should Share Their Mother’s Bed Till the Age of Three. Facts and Benefits

babies mothers bed

When it comes to raising children, everyone seems to have a personal opinion, especially parents! But there are so many controversial topics! Is there a wrong or right way to raise your children? Are there things that are good and not good to do? Of course, some are more important …

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Top Baby Sleep Mistakes That All New Parents Make

Baby sleep might be one of the worst nightmares, especially for new parents. Learning how to take care of newborns is a full-time job, and there are a lot of things to consider if you want to have a sound sleep at night. In fact, many new parents make basic …

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Genetically Modified Babies Waiting Approval

Genetically Modified Babies

Waiting for approvals from the competent authorities, scientists in the field of biotechnology are fully equipped to begin production within two years, human babies genetically (GM), according to BBC News. A new form of in vitro fertilization (IVF) which involves combining the ovum from two different women with the sperm …

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6 Crucial Things To Do In Managing Toddler Meltdowns

Meltdown in the shopping aisle? Tantrum in the bus? As parents to toddlers, you’ve probably seen it all. Even if you’re veteran, it can still get on your nerves. Here are 6 expert tips to dealing with toddler tantrums : Stay calm and speak with a calm voice. As long …

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More Breastfeeding Could Lower Breast Cancer


It is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of getting breast cancer, but it is possible to reduce the risk by maintaining a good lifestyle, getting sufficient exercise and by maintaining a healthy weight. Research has been conducted on this subject and many studies are still going on to …

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