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Natural Beauty Secrets of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Beauty Secrets of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

When it comes to beauty, we can learn a lot from the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, considered by many ones of the most beautiful women in the history of mankind. Fortunately, its beauty secrets were kept, so that women everywhere they can test it and enjoy the same seductive beauty who …

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11 Best Beauty Secrets For Your Radiant Skin

Radiant is the new trend, and everyone seems to be in fashion. Ever come across a bunch of different people with glowing skin? What do they do? Or what do they take to maintain such an alluring complexion? You already have the answers, but it’s just that you are not …

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Face Mapping Let Your Face Reveal Your Inner Problems

Face Mapping

Eyes are a window into the soul, but inner turmoil can show elsewhere in the physique, too. Face mapping is a theory derived from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine which interprets skin issues such as rashes, acne, and discolorations targeting specific areas of the physiognomy as signs of health issues lurking …

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