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13 Foods to Improve Brain Function, Memory and Vision

Improve Brain Function

Who does not need a stimulus for memory from time to time? We all have stressful lives, which can affect us in different ways. Thus, when we are stressed, the body releases inflammatory cytokines. These substances communicate the immune system to mobilize action and reaction of fight or run away.  Cytokines stimulate …

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Giving Up Gluten From Your Diet Will Improve Your Brain Function And Mood

Brain Function

Is it the time to give up the cereals that contain gluten? Dr. William Davis proves you that yes, it is the time. Here are some excerpts from his book,” Full Health, the belly of wheat.” Eliminate gluten-containing cereals from food and your brain will be liberated from the domination …

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Boost Your Brain Function With This Common Herb

brain herbs

No surprise the herb sage shares its meaning with a wise saint! Sage, a herb now accessible at most gourmet stores in the UK, is proven to help patients improve from brain function loss and sharpen the memory of healthy individuals. Actually, the brain not ever loses brain. The brines …

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