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How to Regenerate Your Brain

Regenerate Your Brain

Have you ever wanted to be able to regenerate neurons I’ve destroyed the faculty? Do you fear a decline in the brain with aging? Well, scientific research from the medical world has discovered that we can improve brain health and repair damaged neurons is not only possible, but anyone can …

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Your Brain Youthness Depends on Your Intestinal Health

Brain Youthness

When you think of strategies to improve the performance of your brain, you would think about solving puzzles or learning a foreign language … to add more sleep or even eating omega-3 fats. Most people would not think about their bowels when they have in mind the brain health … …

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How Does Sugar Disturb Your Brain Health?


Alzheimer’s disease, a severe form of dementia, affecting approximately 5.2 million people just in America, according to surveys conducted in 2013. Alzheimer is considered the third killer in United State, after the heart diseases and cancer. Studies show that there is a strong connection between diet’s that a man has, …

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