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Boost Your Brain Function With This Common Herb

brain herbs

No surprise the herb sage shares its meaning with a wise saint! Sage, a herb now accessible at most gourmet stores in the UK, is proven to help patients improve from brain function loss and sharpen the memory of healthy individuals. Actually, the brain not ever loses brain. The brines …

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Gestures That Help You Relax And Forget About Stress


What happens to a person that is affected by stress? Some would respond that the heart starts beating down, almost jumps out of his chest, others are experiencing a state of nausea, and the person begins to become anxious when feeling overwhelmed by the situation. A bad news coming from …

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Boost Your Powers With Brain Food

Powers With Brain Food

Research from Stanford University in Los Angeles showed that 10 percent of all dementia is due to a vitamin B1 deficiency. Further studies have shown that not only receive the proper nutrition mental performance but also can be greater. As a so-called “brain food” foods are known to act directly …

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Herbs & Spices That Boost Brain Power


It is a reality that there are many natural herbs and spices gifted to us by Mother Nature that can help in keeping good health of the body, skin and even the brain! According to researchers, there are some handful of plants and spices that work surprises for the brain …

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How Does Sugar Disturb Your Brain Health?


Alzheimer’s disease, a severe form of dementia, affecting approximately 5.2 million people just in America, according to surveys conducted in 2013. Alzheimer is considered the third killer in United State, after the heart diseases and cancer. Studies show that there is a strong connection between diet’s that a man has, …

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