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First-Time Fitness: 5 Pro Tips For Beginners

As we have reached the midpoint of 2016, the time has come for some people to resolve their resolution of getting healthy or losing weight. While starting any exercising program, it is necessary that you pace yourself and avoid any kind of risk and injury by overexerting yourself especially if …

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5 Top Tricks To Keep You Healthy This Fall

Tricks To Keep You Healthy

Forget a health overhaul! These 5 easy activities and ideas will keep you in tip-top shape all season long. The air is crisp, the apples are crispy, and the leaves are a brilliant array of bolshies, yellows, and oranges. As you dig up your jerseys and put away your swimsuits …

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7 Tips On How To Choose A Fitness Equipment For Home Use

Whether you want to bulk up, gain some abs or lose some pounds, signing up for a membership at your local fitness center will always do you some good. Unfortunately, working out in a public gym won’t allow you to enjoy your freedom entirely. More often, you will be distracted; …

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The Relation Between Fluoride And The Pineal Gland


Fluorides pose a great damage to the pineal gland, the gland that helps in secreting melatonin and serotonin. Out of all, fluorides are the most common compounds that have caused decalcification of the pineal gland. Because of the decalcification, people experience obesity, digestive problems, thyroids disorders and kidney issues. Decalcification …

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7 Tips For Fitness While Traveling And On Vacation

Tips For Fitness While Traveling And On Vacation

Traveling can sometimes be very stressful. Especially when we spend hours lifting and hauling heavy luggage. In the plane, train or car, we must sit motionless for hours. And on vacation, we have to sleep in unusual beds and have then gone on the wrong mattress. For the back which …

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Improve Your Fitness With Spices And Herbs


Herbs and spices not only make nutrient taste well but give us several health benefits. The therapeutic power of some of them has been used up for thousands of years. Cinnamon The biggest advantage regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics.Put half a teaspoon of cinnamon in oatmeal or seasoning your …

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5 Ways Lemon Oil Improves Beauty

Lemons and lemon oil have been in the update a lot in recent times as people find out more about its uses for improving the fitness and also as a very effective beauty cure. This oil is known for its detoxifying material goods and, according to a study published in …

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