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The Best Way To Maintain A Healthy Weight And Lifestyle

Healthy Weight

Ideal weight is not the one that you indicate different calculation methods or modern formulations tend to include all people in the same parameters. We are all different so each of us ideal weight will be that to which we feel really good. But to reach this weight and to …

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Cosmetic Procedures: For Progressive Millennial’s, Different Isn’t Always Better

cosmetic procedures

You would think that in the generation of young Millennials ages 18-34, aware and tech-savvy individuals that they are, that new and cutting edge would always be their go-to choice for everything from cell phones to toilet paper. When it comes to elective, cosmetic procedures apparently, there is nothing new …

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3 Effective Ways To Get Skinnier Arms Without Hitting The Gym

get skinnier arms

Are you bothered with your flabby upper arms? If you are, you’re not the only one suffering from it. Studies show that many women complain about the unwanted fat that clings to the upper arms like a second skin. Truth is the upper arm is where women usually store fats …

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