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Manuka Honey Combats Antibiotic-resistant Infections

Manuka Honey

For years doctors abusing the use of antibiotics. A study conducted by the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania has found that doctors are using antibiotics and for patients hospitalized with a respiratory viral infection, although it is known that antibiotics have no effect on this type of …

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Effects Of Exaggerated Consumption Of Sugar


Sugar, the food you find in almost all foods and drinks. Put it in your coffee or tea in the morning. You use it in baking, cookies, and crackers in order. Maybe put it on oatmeal flakes and or in cereals in the morning for more flavor. But you can …

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Basic Skin Problems That Can Be Cured With Manuka Honey

Skin Problems

Because of its antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and outstanding humectant, honey Manuka is a very effective natural remedy for treating the most common skin problems. Find out how you can use in the treatment of acne, eczema, sunburn, wrinkles and other skin problems! Each of us is different, has different …

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Know The Most Effective Natural Antibiotics That Nature Offers To Heal

Effective Natural Antibiotics

Nature has provided along the millennia, thousands of antibiotics and natural remedies. Most people probably don’t know, but all pharmaceutical drugs have originated from Earth’s plants. After they have proven effective in treating certain ailments, the pharmaceutical industry has created synthetic versions that you can use. Thus, they can retain …

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