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Healthy Colon Healthy You

Healthy colon

There’s no doubt in the medical world: you need a clean, healthy colon, to assimilate nutrients and to get rid of food waste. However many people have compacted colon so-called half full with food waste and toxins. This can generate a multitude of bowel problems and even chronic illnesses. Although …

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Gardening and All the Health Benefits that We Usually Ignore


Every year more than 230 million of prescribed antidepressants, are becoming the most widely used drugs in the West. However, the incidence of depression in all its forms, came to 10 percent currently, and the number of adults diagnosed with depression increases, according to statistics from 2012, with 20% every …

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The Microwave- a true killer in your home!

Disadvantage of Microwave

Is it possible that millions of people sacrifice their health without knowing of the dangers to which they’re exposed? Why did the Soviet Union ban these devices in 1976? Who invented the microwave and why? How does it work? There are several questions we will try to answer in this …

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Why Fasting Helps In Cleansing And Detoxifying The Body

Why Fasting Helps In Cleansing And Detoxifying The Body, In a technical device, such as the automobile, we take it for granted that filters are cleaned and changed, refilled engine oil or an oil change is made. Also, an apartment that we inhabit needs regular care. And even when we …

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