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Ten Tips For A Long And Healthy Life

Everyone wants as long as possible to stay healthy and fit. With a healthy lifestyle, you can help yourself a lot. The most important factors are diet, exercise, relaxation and sleep and a positive attitude. A conscious lifestyle increases your chances of staying fit well into old age. Here are 10 important tips on what you can do yourself to protect your health and quality of lifelong:

  • Proper Nutrition

Few things are more important for the maintenance of health as a healthy diet. At least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, preferably raw, in all colors and varieties. Meat, lots of plant carbohydrates, plenty of legumes, low-fat dairy products and low in fat – which gets not only our life functions but also strengthens the immune system.

Proper Nutrition

  • Sufficient drinking

Water shortage hurts the human organism: Since water is not only an important part of the body cells but also the main component of the blood, the blood cannot flow properly when we drink too little. The entire body is supplied worse, brain power and concentration diminish. Suitable thirst quencher is water, fruit juice or herbal tea. 

  • Regular exercise

Regular aerobic exercise is good for body and soul, and the best way to bring the body into shape and the body to speed. Exercise helps the body’s immune system to strengthen, to reduce the symptoms of stress and prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. Even the brain power in age is positively influenced. Any kind of physical activity contributes to your well-being: The minimum to prevent disease is a half hour of light movements 5-7 times per week. It’s never too late to start with sports. Even those who only start at the old age benefited almost immediately from the positive effects.

Regular exercise

  • Lots of fresh air and light

Oxygen revitalizes and mobilizes the body’s defenses. Go, therefore – even in winter – every day to fresh air. Another positive effect if we stay out there: we get more light, which also improves our mood. In daylight, namely the neurotransmitter serotonin is released, lightens the mood.

Even in very bad weather outside is much brighter than indoors. In addition, light is important for the production of vitamin D – essential for strong bones.

  • Relaxation for compensation

The mental stress weakens the power of resistance; Disturbances in the balance of tension and relaxation can lead to serious mental and physical disorders. So at least if stress and rush out of hand, it’s time to shift down one gear. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobsen or yoga can help you to find balance and serenity.

  • Enough sleep

Enough Sleep

Sleep is a basic need that we have to meet as regularly as eating and drinking. It is essential livelihood and the prerequisite for development, well-being, and health. During sleep, the metabolism shifted a gear down, however, the repair mechanisms operate at full speed. The immune system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the brain need sleep to regenerate. For example, recent studies show that people who regularly have too little sleep, have a much higher risk a heart attack.

  • Brain Training 

“The one who trains himself brings blessings” – this saying is true not only for our bodies but also for our brain. Because the brain needs training like any other muscle, the brain will be busy for a lifetime. If the brain is not kept on its toes, it degrades. Conversely, the brain trains like a muscle. To stay mentally fit, the gray cells need training daily. 

  • Social drugs health risk

Smoking is harmful and each cigarette! However, it is never too late to quit smoking – even after years of nicotine dependence; it will benefit your health. So after 10 years of smoking cessation, the risk of lung cancer is again comparable to those in non-smokers; After 15 years, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. Moderate Alcohol abuse is usually not – it can be enjoyed in moderation and it can have positive effects. It should, however, remain in a small vial and several alcohol-free days per week, for a risk-free alcohol consumption does not exist.

Social drugs health risk

  • Healthy Relationships

Whether you like it or not, everyone is involved in a network of relationships. The success of interpersonal relationships is an important factor in the quality of life, mental and physical health. Living and fulfilled relationships – they start a healthy relationship with yourself and life.

Healthy Relationships

  • Yes to Life

People with a positive mental attitude have usually better mental coping strategies. They are composed of less stress, thereby protecting their defenses. In addition, positive-minded people can better laugh at themselves and thereby demonstrate sovereignty and serenity. Openness to exchange with people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles helps to remain flexible. For who is caught up in repetitive patterns of life, his limited experience opportunities, and takes the opportunity to have his brain to remain brisk.

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