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The Link Between Emotions And Our Body

For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has shown that each organ in our body corresponds to certain emotions. And Greek medicine was talking about what links exist between the organs of the body and emotions, and how the latter can influence health status.
If her beneficial, harmonious, stenice, helps maintain optimum operation of the body, disturbing emotions what are experienced repeatedly for a long time, can affect the corresponding organs.


Courage, honesty, love and harden the heart of altruism. Guilt, disappointment, hate and lie a weaken. According to Greek medicine, may die because of suffering exclusively (or “bad of the heart”, as they say in the nation). The heart is also the most warms organ of the body, which makes him vulnerable in front of passions too “hot”.
Traditional cataloging schemes these intense experiences under the umbrella term “ephemeral fever”.


The thyroid neck is the main center of communication. The inability of transmitting feelings outwards and the impossibility of expressing one’s self will often cause problems with neck or thyroid. In extreme cases, the difficulties in this sphere can result in permanent loss and voice. At the same time represents the neck and upper digestive tract.
Emotional tensions and anxieties may agitate the lifeblood of the system and to disrupt the functions of the liver, causing the latter’s growth and what can occur in the neck, giving the sensation of ‘ lump in throat ‘, hereinafter referred to as global hysterics scientific.
lump in throat
Waves of intense sorrow and tragedies can cause them difficulty swallowing, while an imbalance of the thyroid is related to a problem with your expression of self or a conflict between internal and external perceptions of the world I.


Lungs are important organs, working closely with the heart being as sensitive to different types of emotions. The feeling of suffocation (literally or figuratively) diseases of the lungs and cause respiratory problems.
Related to the chest is that dignity and allows the lungs to expand and function properly. Suffering is also a strong promoter linked to the condition of your lungs-so it explains that certain diseases of the lungs appear even in the case of non-smokers.


The brain gets sick as a result of major imbalances of another organ, which will send subtle signals that don’t work properly. People often get inflamed and irritated, run through anger, envy, and jealousy. People are inclined to the blood of good, pleasure and sensuality.
Those sleepwalking are characterized by caution and attention, while flegmatic people of boredom, fog, and lethargy, mental sluggishness or obscures the objective thinking through excessive subjectivity or feelings. However, problems in the brain don’t always represent the effects of imbalances in other organs.
certain diseases
They can be the cause of certain diseases and generation in other parts of the body, given the fact that our prevailing thoughts that come to feed on them, it affects us deeply vital energy.


Breast Diseases linked to conflict situations (often in the field of the couple). It is interesting to see how each of the two breasts react to different emotions.
The right is affected strongly by the quarrels and disagreements with the girlfriend, and the left is in close connection with maternal feelings and relationship with their own parents.


Spleen diseases occur primarily from too many worries, excessive mental work and obsessive focus on a single topic. The spleen plays a vital role in digestion and absorption of nutrients.
Helps blood formation and energy. It is connected to the muscles, mouth, and lips, and a possible imbalance at this level will be manifested by decreasing of appetite, unexplained fatigue, abdominal discomfort, loose stools or diarrhea, pale lips, gnashing of teeth at night, menstruation very abundant or feeling tired muscles.

The liver

The liver is Anger, resentment, frustration, and means are among the factors you have liver disease. Twitter statuses are blocking the energy level of this body.
The liver lies in the subtle connection with tendons, fingernails, and eyes, people with liver problems will often experience symptoms such as redness of the eyes, changing the appearance of the nail or the emergence of seemingly unexplained sensations fatigue.

The liver presents a significant link with the menstrual cycle, so that excessive menstruation period pains may indicate a possible imbalance in the level of this body.

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