The Top 5 Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

The latest health news is that raw, unpasteurized and organic Apple cider vinegar has myriad uses like skin and hair care, cooking, healing as well as household cleaning purposes. Listed here are the top 5 uses of apple cider vinegar.

  • To eat and drink:

Since it has high nutritional value and has numerous health benefits, apple cider vinegar is a great food product. It has the power to reduce glucose levels and is useful in tackling diabetics. It makes you feel full for longer durations of time and is often recommended by experts as an aid to weight loss. They also promote growths of healthy bacteria in the gut and regulate problems with candida. Dilute apple cider vinegar by mixing 1 tablespoon in a cup of water or with herbal tea, for oral consumption. It is a great ingredient for salad dressings too. Mix it with flax oil and orange juice or lemon and perhaps a garlic clove or some onion to get a great salad dressing. This is a great nutrition tip.

To eat and drink

  • For hair care:

If used for rinsing, apple cider vinegar will make your hair feel shiny and smooth and also help in removal of dirt and oil. Your hair’s pH gets balanced which seals the cuticle and makes your hair smoother. It also clears dandruff and greasy build up as well as relieves itchiness and scalp irritation. Mix one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water and rinse your hair with it at the end of your hair wash. Rinse it off properly, to prevent your hair from feeling crunchy.

  • For skin care:

Apple cider vinegar is a new trend in skin care as it can be used as an astringent when applied to your face. Soak a cotton pad or washcloth in apple cider vinegar and directly apply to your face to dry and heal blemishes. It detoxifies your skin and makes it clear by eliminating pimples and rashes on your face. Skin becomes super smooth and even gets tightened and a bit plumped up. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines, making it a great beauty product.

For skin care

  • As a deodorant:

Commercial deodorants or antiperspirants block your sweating abilities and affect your body’s natural detoxifying process. If you want to stay away from the harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, then go for the natural apple cider vinegar which is a great natural deodorant. It absorbs as well as neutralizes bad scents. All you have to do is rub them to your underarms to minimize body odors. • For relief from gas, heartburn and bloating: Apple cider vinegar is great to reduce bloating and gas. Just dilute one tablespoon in water or tea prior to a meal to reduce the symptoms of heartburn.